‘Australian Survivor’ viewers want ‘juicy’ David Goodchild to win ‘Blood V Water’ [POLL RESULTS]

In a recent poll, Gold Derby asked “Australian Survivor” viewers to name the person they most wanted to win the current “Blood V Water” season and the results were, well, all over the place. Five contestants earned double-digit support in our poll results (see below), with “juicy” David Goodchild coming in first place at 25%. He’s the father of superfan Briana Goodchild, who was eliminated way back in the second episode. Editor’s note: this poll was conducted prior to the “Purgatory” twist that sent several voted out cast members to a deserted island in the hopes of one day returning to the game.

Here are the complete poll results for who “Australian Survivor” viewers claimed they wanted to win “Blood V Water”:

25% — David Goodchild

19% — Christine “Chrissy” Zaremba

13% — Shayelle “Shay” Lajoie

12% — Samantha “Sam” Gash

12% — Jordie Hansen

8% — Mark Wales

5% — Jesse Hansen

Less than 3% — Jordan Schmidt, Michelle Chiang, Josh Millgate, Kate “KJ” Austin

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Soon after the Blood (Red) tribe and the Water (Blue) tribe merged into one group, known as the Lava (Purple) tribe, the “strong boys” alliance of Mark, Josh, Jordan, Jordie and Jesse took control of the game. Khanh Ong and Melissa “Mel” Chiang were the first two boots of the combined tribe, with Khanh getting blindsided by one of his closest allies, Sam. Sam at first resisted joining the muscle alliance because she’d be the lowest on their totem pole, but she still abided by their wishes.

When Mark told Sam it was time to vote out her ride-or-die buddy, Jesse, Sam again felt like she was doing something against her own game. But then the unthinkable happened, when Sam came upon Jesse finding a hidden immunity idol. She managed to convince him to hand her the idol so that she could hide it in her sarong … and then she promptly voted him out at tribal council. That single move made Sam one of the biggest villains in the history of “Australian Survivor,” and cemented her as a power player.

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After Jesse had his torch snuffed by host Jonathan LaPaglia, the “strong boys” alliance morphed into a more inclusive group that now consisted of Mark, Sam, Josh, Jordan, David and Chrissy. David tried to get Mark and/or Sam to use an idol, to no avail. Together this group of six eliminated Shay, followed by Jordie, KJ and Michelle. But with the Purgatory twist on the line, there was no telling who from this group of ousted players might be returning to the game proper.

Following Michelle’s elimination, the four Purgatory players competed in a challenge for the chance of reigniting their torches. Jordie was the first to succeed at the stick-and-ball challenge, with Shay and KJ not too far behind. Thus, this trio all returned to the game. That meant Michelle was the only Purgatory player to officially become a member of the jury. Only nine castaways are left in the outback. Who will be voted out next?

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