‘Big Brother 24’ episode 4 recap: Was Taylor or Terrance (or someone else) evicted? [UPDATING LIVE BLOG]

Heading into the first live eviction episode of “Big Brother 24,” Michael Bruner had just won the Veto medallion and taken himself off the block. That resulted in Head of Household Daniel Durston nominating house target Taylor Hale for eviction (and awkwardly asking her to “apologize for some things“) alongside pawn Terrance Higgins. But with the Backstage Boss twist still in effect, it was possible that either Paloma Aguilar, Alyssa Snider and Brittany Hoopes would be evicted instead. So who ended up having a one-on-one conversation with Julie Chen Moonves at the end of the hour?

Below, read our minute-by-minute “Big Brother” recap of Season 24, Episode 4 to find out what happened Thursday, July 14 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT. Then be sure to sound off in the comments section about your favorite “BB” houseguests on CBS’s reality TV show, who annoys you the most and who you think will ultimately join the “Big Brother” winners list.

The 16 houseguests are: Alyssa Snider, Ameerah Jones, Brittany Hoopes, Daniel Durston, Indiana “Indy” Santos, Jasmine Davis, Joe “Pooch” Pucciarelli, Joseph Abdin, Kyle Capener, Matthew “Turner” Turner, Michael Bruner, Monte Taylor, Nicole Layog, Paloma Aguilar, Taylor Hale and Terrance Higgins.

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9:00 p.m. – “Previously on ‘Big Brother’!” In the third episode, Michael secured his victory in the jousting Veto competition and removed himself from the block. A misconstrued game of telephone then resulted in the house taking sides against Taylor after Paloma accused her of lying to Monte about wanting to go after the guys (but Paloma’s “Girls Girls” alliance actually did want that). With the house’s blessing, Daniel nominated Taylor for eviction next to Terrance. Who will go home tonight? Let’s go!

9:03 p.m. – With rumors swirling on the internet about what could have caused the live feeds to be down over the last 24 hours, Julie opened tonight’s show with the preface that “Expect the unexpected” has never been more true than tonight. She continued by saying that “an unexpected turn of events” changed the show’s plans for the Backstage twist playing out tonight.

9:04 p.m. – Following Taylor’s nomination as the replacement, emotions in the house were high because of the sense that she was becoming unpopular among the other houseguests. Paloma, the player that threw her under the bus, tried to console her, but Taylor questioned whether she was truly on her side because she was already talking as if Taylor would for sure be evicted.

9:06 p.m. – Taylor’s first step in saving herself was to figure out why she became a target in the first place. Ameerah asked her if she said she’d be coming for Monte, which Taylor denied with the realization that this was a bigger story than she imagined. In clearing it up with Monte, Taylor managed to get to the bottom of the issue of the male vs. female alliances but Monte remained Team Paloma. Later, Taylor returned to Paloma to clarify the issue, but Paloma told her she didn’t even want to listen to her and that she’d “rather go to sleep.”

9:13 p.m. – Despite being a part of the Girls Girls alliance, Alyssa “knew” she needed some strong guys on her side to further her game so she approached Monte, Kyle and Pooch to join her, Paloma and Ameerah for a new side alliance. Once all six were approached with the offer, everyone was in with the belief that it’s a “very tight group.” But later they decided to “ghost” Pooch because he talks too much and instead went to Michael, who knowing that he was the last person added to it meant that he couldn’t fully trust it. As a superfan he knew he’d have to say yes though because you never say no to an alliance offer.

9:16 p.m. – With the Backstage twist looming, Brittany decided it’d be a good idea to get in with Pooch and make him a safety offer in order to get him to save her in the event that he has a say in what happens with the twist. As a bonus, she threw some of the girls in her alliance under the bus that they’ve thrown his name around as a threat. Her point was to show Pooch that she can be a source of information going forward.

9:18 p.m. – Unfortunately for Brittany, Pooch went straight to Ameerah and told her what she said, causing Ameerah to question the strength of the Girls Girls alliance and possibly focus on the side alliance instead. That didn’t stop Ameerah from talking to Brittany and Jasmine in an attempt to get Brittany to throw names out as targets. That was an immediate clue to Brittany that Pooch told the girls what she told him. Brittany lied about telling Pooch anything, but Ameerah was convinced she could no longer be trusted.

9:23 p.m. – As it turns out, Paloma’s experience in the house took a turn for the worse as she confessed to Kyle that she’s only been getting two hours of sleep. Slowly her anxiety started to unravel and the houseguests began to worry about her mental health. From Paloma’s perspective, the anxiety had a direct impact on her ability to remain in the game, ultimately causing her to head to the Diary Room and then never return to the game. Later, Daniel delivered the news to the rest of the house of Paloma’s decision to exit the game.

9:29 p.m. – With Paloma’s departure, Julie revealed that Brittany won America’s vote to be saved from the Backstage twist, but that it would no longer happen. Julie explained to the house and the audience that originally there would have been a battle between the house vote and one of the Backstage holders, but because of Paloma’s exit the battle was called off and no one else would be going home. Very clearly, Paloma said that Backstage twist is over, Alyssa, Brittany, Taylor and Terrance were all safe, and the game would continue with the next HOH comp.

9:38 p.m. – For the “Bye Bye Backstage” HOH challenge, the players faced off two at a time in races for the hopes of continuing in the next rounds of the comp. Daniel drew the names of Pooch and Michael as the first pair to compete. Michael quickly dusted Pooch and advanced to the next round. Following the first match up, Taylor beat Alyssa and Joseph beat Indy.

9:49 p.m. – In the next match ups, Ameerah beat Brittany and Jasmine beat Terrance, but it seemed as though Jasmine may have suffered an injury in doing so.

9:55 p.m. – Continuing on with no real news of Jasmine’s injury (though she was laying down with her leg up on ice), Kyle beat Turner and Monte beat Nicole.

9:58 p.m. – With no time left, Julie let us know that on Sunday night the HOH comp would finish and we’d learn the nominations, then next week a new twist would be introduced to the game.

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