‘Big Brother 24’ spoilers: Week 2 plans start to form following more loose lips

While Taylor continues to be a dead woman walking on “Big Brother 24,” Tuesdays was pretty low-key in the house as the houseguests, as usual, start to plot the next eviction.

Brittany has found herself in the line of fire after she told Pooch that Ameerah was going to target him if she won HOH. Pooch, of course, retold this to a bunch of people and thinks that Brittany told him this to cozy up to him in case he could save her in the Backstage twist. The theme of this season so far is “people telling others someone might be coming after them and having that backfire.” Brittany, like Taylor with Monte, may not have necessarily tipped off Pooch to start trouble (especially not to make herself the target), but you can’t trust anyone in this game. This house is also very quick to turn on others, as evidenced by the Taylor drama, and as word got around, Brittany told Alyssa that no one will look her in the eye.

Brittany and Taylor later commiserated about being on the outs with everyone. “It kind of feels like the cool kids versus the outsiders. I am on the outs,” Taylor said. “If somehow I come down, I don’t want you going up. You go home next to Terrance. Paloma or Alyssa has to go up next to Terrance because Terrance will stay.”

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“You are right. It’s the cool kids versus the knockouts. I just thought Big Brother was done with that,” Brittany replied. “Last season gave me so much hope.”

Not everyone is after Brittany though. She’ll be safe if Michael, another popular potential target for Week 2, wins HOH because he plans to target Turner and Pooch (seriously, how was this not already an alliance name on the first night?), with the latter being his No. 1. He’s in an alliance with Ameerah, Paloma, Alyssa, Monte and Kyle, and wants to take a shot at a big threat to build trust with the women. The risk, of course, is an even bigger target on his back afterward since he’s already won Veto.

Meanwhile, Paloma’s erratic behavior continued as she about the metaverse and Elon Musk and other nonsense. “The metaverse is pissed at us. We’re about to take down bitcoin and the metaverse and the world with this social experiment,” she said. The only thing more concerning than her behavior is the lack of concern of the houseguests so far.

As for this week’s eviction, Taylor did some light campaigning but has not made inroads on securing votes and likely won’t by Thursday. The house also speculated on what the additional Backstage Boss twist might be, landing on Pooch possibly getting to nominate a third nominee.

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