‘Big Brother 24’ spoilers: Daniel tries to outsmart Monte, hilariously fails

The Veto ceremony on “Big Brother 24” went as expected on Monday with Kyle and Daniel taking Indy and Alyssa off the block, and Monte renoming Nicole and Taylor, but the way they actually got there was nothing short of priceless.

After their late-night chat, The Leftovers decided to actually keep the noms the same by Monday morning instead of backdooring Nicole. Their thinking was that they would get rid of social butterfly and blabbermouth Alyssa, which would make Kyle happy, and Indy would join besties Michael and Brittany, which would keep all the Leftovers members insulated with a non-member bestie, Cookout-style. This was overthinking it, but sure. Monte’s job Monday morning was to pitch this to Nicole and Daniel to convince Daniel not to use the Veto (the Veto bestie holders do not need to come to an agreement to use it). Monte told them that he doesn’t think he has the votes to get Taylor out and doesn’t want to risk putting Nicole on the block because he’s heard that Jasmine, Alyssa and Indy do not trust Nicole.

Daniel did not buy it because he and Nicole had noticed six of The Leftovers, sans Kyle, holed up in the HOH room the night before, so they’re onto the alliance now. He immediately went to Kyle, whom he does not suspect to be in the alliance, to inform him of Monte’s pitch and what a big fat liar he is. Daniel wanted to outsmart Monte by using the Veto and sticking with the original plan of renoming Nicole and Taylor, and they would all vote Taylor to hurt Monte’s alliance. Really, not a terrible plan on paper, but he just has no idea his side does not have the numbers since Kyle is in The Leftovers and Terrance has floated to that side after Turner gave him a heads-up he was staying last week following Nicole’s self-flagellating goodbye speech to him. Kyle played dumb and kept reiterating that he and Daniel have seven on their side and “they have six,” and reconfirming that Daniel would use the Veto. “I have to even if you didn’t,” he said. “I want to save those two [Indy and Alyssa] that are numbers for us.”

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Kyle ran this back to Monte, telling him that Daniel is onto them and putting everything together and will use the Veto. “That’s fine. Their loss,” Monte said. “It’s perfect. They are going to look like idiots when Nicole goes home. I’ll look at Daniel and be like, ‘I tried.'” It’s true. Monte will come out of this looking good. Daniel was feeling like hot sh– after the Veto ceremony, thinking he pulled a fast one on Monte & Co. At one point, he told feedsters, “I love this game!” Guessing he will feel differently on Thursday. Nicole, who told the girls she’s a cop, at least entertained the possibility of going home and how the other side could be playing them (you’d think they’d take that possibility more seriously after last week), but she was also feeling good, confident she has the Votes. She told Terrance she will “blow up this whole house” if she wins HOH next week. Good luck with that. And then she said to him and Daniel, “I am telling you, this game, it brings out the best and the worst in people, and in our case it brings out the best.” Honestly, secondhand embarrassment at this point.

So the original Leftovers plan of backdooring Nicole is back on track with a whole lotta assistance and clownery from Daniel. Dude really led to his BFF’s demise when The Leftovers actually were trying to keep Nicole. You really could not have scripted this any better.

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