‘Big Brother 24’ spoilers: The Week 5 HOH plots a backdoor plan

The Leftovers really are the main course now on “Big Brother 24.” Thursday’s vote went exactly the way they wanted, 9-1 to boot Nicole, thereby keeping the alliance under the radar, and then Michael won HOH.

Michael has now won three Vetos and one HOH. Comp beast. Good thing he is in a major alliance right now that has other business to attend to at the moment, like getting rid of Daniel. That is obviously the plan this week and basically the entire house is on board with it right now after the events leading up to Nicole’s eviction. Daniel was enraged when he realized Nicole was going (likely mostly pissed at himself for sealing her fate) and lashed out at everyone, calling them sheep. “Daniel was screaming at Monte, saying that Monte didn’t want to take us off of the block. The house is against Daniel now,” Indy recounted Thursday night. This is, of course, hilarious because that is the truth — Monte wanting Indy and Alyssa to stay on the block — but Daniel doesn’t seem to have a non-aggressive setting.

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Daniel, who lost HOH by four seconds, obviously knows he’s next, if you couldn’t tell by his immediate isolation at the end of Thursday’s episode and “woe is me” muttering of “I have to live with these people,” “Just end the season already,” “Buy my plane ticket,” “Nicole, wait for me,” and “As a fan, this is tragic.” Someone tell him self-evicting is an option. Michael wants to backdoor Daniel, so his biggest question is to who to put up as pawns for the initial noms. He doesn’t want Taylor to go up for the 390th time, so he’s thinking of either Monte, Joseph and Terrance or Turner and Jasmine as noms. If Daniel gets picked and wins Veto, Terrance or Jasmine would go.

Meanwhile, Kyle is continuing to make plans for the day The Leftovers must turn on each other, even suggesting to Michael that Daniel may not be a threat now that he’s on an island. “If there is an opportunity to get me out who is well liked,” he tells Michael. “I don’t think it’s a likely possibility, but I’m running through scenarios.” Kyle, you’re doing too much right now. Symptoms of a showmance.

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