‘Big Brother 24’ spoilers: The Paloma and Taylor drama escalates (on one side)

Sunday’s episode of “Big Brother 24” introduced viewers to the PalomaTaylor drama (or really the “Paloma hates Taylor” drama) that’s been taking up oxygen in the house, and boy, did it ratchet up over the weekend — so much so that Taylor is the new target and is slated to be the renom on Monday since Michael won Veto.

This all started late Thursday night when Paloma mentioned to a few girls, including Taylor, that she’s worried about the guys being too close. On Friday, Taylor told Monte that Paloma told her that she’s planning to target the guys, including him. Monte, in turn, confronted Paloma with this piece of info on Saturday, and she expectedly flipped out. Paloma, far and away the unhinged villain of the season, denied ever saying that and went around the house telling everyone how Taylor is spreading lies about her and needs to go, which, of course, turned the house against her. It’s unclear how much, if at all, Taylor heard because the feeds cut and then returned with Taylor crying in the bathroom.

The Taylor bitching continued Sunday, led by, naturally, Paloma. Taylor is the new Janelle: Everyone is obsessed with her. Peak mean girls vibes here. Taylor has noticed how everyone departs a room when she enters, and while she has voiced concern she might be the renom, no one has given her a heads-up. Daniel is worried about nominating two Black people in the first week and various houseguests spent the the day reassuring him that it’s just a coincidence and not racially motivated — “Terrance is the pawn and Taylor sucks and needs to go” is basically the justification. “I don’t want to get hate from voting two Black people out,” Paloma, who wants Terrance out next, told Daniel.

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“What do you think I’m going to feel this week? Two Black people on the block at the end of my week,” he said.

“We need to put that aside and America needs to put that aside,” she replied.

A bold statement since Paloma can’t put her random hatred of Taylor aside to see that targeting her is not actually a smart move. Taylor has nobody right now or any power and could be a number for Paloma, but she is completely blinded by Taylor’s capital offense of announcing she’s a pageant girl, hanging out with the boys and putting on her finale dress. “She shouldn’t have come in here saying that she is a pageant girl. Are you stupid? I don’t even like saying, ‘Are you stupid?’ but that lacks self-awareness,” Paloma told Daniel. Yes, this is definitely a reason to evict someone. Taylor, for the record, has nothing against Paloma — in case you couldn’t tell by the lack of Diary Rooms from Taylor amid all the Taylor bashing from Paloma in Sunday’s episode.

So unless Daniel gets cold feet, Taylor will be the renom. Taylor’s last hope is whatever the Backstage Boss twist will bring. Imagine if Paloma winds up going home on Thursday instead.

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