‘Big Brother 24’ spoilers: Pooch may have really screwed the, uh, pooch

Talk about screwing the pooch. Pooch committed a flagrant foul by volunteering to go up as a pawn on “Big Brother 24,” giving the house an opening to target him, which they are most definitely planning on taking. Jasmine nominated him and her initial target, Taylor, as seen on Sunday’s episode, and all signs so far are pointing to Pooch walking out the door on Thursday.

Michael won his second straight Veto on Saturday, casually emerging as the season’s comp beast, and chances are he is not going to use it at the Veto ceremony on Monday. There were some discussions about him saving Taylor with Joseph being the renom that was the usual post-Veto chatter that goes nowhere. Jasmine is still content for either Pooch or Taylor to leave — honestly, it’s unclear why she even hates Taylor other than Paloma telling everyone to — and told Pooch that she doesn’t think Michael will make her get more blood on her hands by nominating a third person.

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As of now, there ought to be enough votes to boot Pooch. All the girls want him gone, and Michael, Joseph and Daniel want a big threat out as well. Pooch hasn’t caught on yet that he basically signed his own death warrant by volunteering to be a pawn. An amazingly hilarious move since it’s so early in the game and Terrance is right there to be used as a pawn again. Pooch’s logic in being a pawn so Taylor can’t play Veto was also flawed since she could’ve been drawn to play Veto. Too bad Taylor didn’t win because we would’ve had true chaos in determining her renom. Maybe then Pooch would’ve realized that he’s in danger of leaving.

It’s still a long way to go until Thursday, so Pooch has time to figure it out on his own or for someone to clue him in or for plans to change. The house still hasn’t completely warmed to Taylor yet, but most prefer Pooch to go this week and figure they can use Taylor in the coming weeks to get out targets and then evict her. 

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