‘Big Brother 24’ spoilers: Taylor tries to figure out what she did wrong (answer: nothing)

Operation Target Taylor is going to Paloma‘s plan on “Big Brother 24.” Michael used the Veto on himself on Monday and Daniel, despite concerns about having two Black people on the block, did what the house (really, Paloma) and made Taylor the renom next to Terrance.

Based on retells, Daniel told Taylor she was going up because she was rubbing people the wrong way. Needless to say, Taylor was stunned and spent the rest of the day trying to find out what the hell she did wrong, which is nothing. Paloma immediately tried to gaslight Taylor, going full Dom Toretto and telling her that no matter what, the cast is family and she is there for her. “If you have one friend out of this, it’s me. I’m here for you if you are stressed out. I am here for you if you are worried. I am here for you,” Paloma said. “I am serious because I can’t imagine what you are going through.”

Can’t you though? As she was making her rounds, Taylor explained that she is slow to open up and had no idea she was hurting anyone at all because that was not her intention at all. Ameerah asked if she told Monte that Paloma was coming after the guys. Taylor said she did not and just “told Monte to talk to the girls because they might feel that because all of the guys are up here that the guys are coming for the girls.” She suggested he speak to Paloma because she “talks the most, talk to Paloma to make sure she knows that you are not gunning for her.”

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Taylor later talked Monte to hash out the Paloma of it all. “I let [Paloma] know, and that girl is a firecracker,” Monte said. “She denied it, which I would have assumed she would do. I guess from there, things escalated and she was clearly emotional about it and was talking to people about it.” Taylor clarified that what she meant was for him to talk to Paloma to reassure her that the guys weren’t joining forces to target the girls and had suggested Paloma because she has the most sway with the women. “I thought you were saying it came from Paloma. That’s how I interpreted it,” Monte said. “I did not expect once I told Paloma that it would turn into a firecracker show.”

Pretty sure Monte knew exactly what he was doing when he spilled the convo to Paloma and pretty sure Taylor does too. She later told Nicole she thinks she knows what happened: She advised Monte to talk to Paloma to ease her concerns about the guys, but he twisted her words and Paloma exploded. At least Taylor’s not in the dark anymore. But that’s not going to do much to help her fate because everyone still wants her gone for basically just existing. The Backstage Boss twist may be her only hope at this point.

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