‘Big Brother 24’ top 5 power rankings: Matthew Turner and Taylor Hale are biggest threats to win

Last Thursday, Julie Chen Moonves surprised the “Big Brother” houseguests with their second double eviction, following the week 7 split house twist. Michael Bruner was taken out in a swift move by Power of Veto winner Monte Taylor and Head of Household Matthew Turner, leaving the houseguests with “one last word.” Despite a last ditch plea to Alyssa Snider and Taylor Hale to save him, the women stuck together and brought Brittany Hoopes along to the Top 5.

By Sunday night we learned that Monte squeezed out his second HOH win by only nine seconds over Brittany. Those nine seconds will make all the difference this week as Brittany and Taylor were eyeing one of their last few chances to get Turner out of the house, but Monte was set on protecting him at all costs. Between the two sides, Alyssa continued to float in the middle, swaying in the direction of whoever held the power.

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With that in mind, we break down our “Big Brother 24” Top 5 power rankings with our best guesses of who makes it out of this week and in the best position going into the final four. Check out our thoughts below and then chime in with your own in the comments below.

1. Matthew Turner

Taking the HOH at what he’s said privately in the Diary Room, Turner would appear to be in a safe spot this week. Monte has aligned himself very closely to Turner, convinced that he needs to keep him around as a shield from being the bigger target in the eye of the women. So long as Monte maintains that point of view through the week, Turner is going to come out of one of the most dangerous weeks in a really good spot. If he makes it to the final four, Turner will be able to compete for HOH again against three people that have only won a single HOH comp between them. And even if he loses that comp, he’ll have a second chance at safety in the POV comp that will determine who holds the sole vote to evict. If Turner makes it to the final three, he will be the best poised to win the game with an impressive resume and the stat of potentially only having seen the block very briefly during Terrance’s Dyre Fest reign.

2. Taylor Hale

Turner’s biggest competition in front of the jury is going to be Taylor, the player with the best season-long narrative. As of this writing, Taylor has been nominated for eviction four times and twice in the first three weeks. Those starting weeks of the game were emotionally taxing for Taylor, but she pulled through and has managed to make it deeper into the game than every other houseguest that not only doubted her, but proactively targeted her in the game and personally. Members of the jury that felt isolated from The Leftovers alliance and many of the group’s own members will respect Taylor’s journey and should be willing to throw their vote to win her way. Taylor’s biggest hurdle will be at the final four because she has not proven herself to be as big of a comp threat as she anticipated she’d be, but with Monte as the HOH she should at least be safe this week.

3. Monte Taylor

As HOH, Monte is the only one we’re certain will make it to the final four, but he’s in a position this week that will evict someone he’s worked closely with in this game and having put at least one other in the seat next to them as a pawn. In that regard, nearly everyone will have a reason to nominate Monte for eviction. He’s also turned up the dial on his comp stats with a POV and HOH win in back-to-back weeks. Though he thinks Turner is his shield, there’s certainly potential for some of the other players to see Monte as their biggest threat. If the others are thinking as hardly about jury votes as Monte is, they could also consider how many friends he has among the evicted–Joseph and Terrance, certainly, but Michael is a juror the will vote out of respect and so could swing Monte’s way as well.

4. Brittany Hoopes

This week is already tough for Brittany having lost her closest ally last week, but to make matters worse she is the one that Monte and Turner want out. That puts Brittany with her back to the wall and forced to win the POV in order to stay. If she remains on the block after the Veto Ceremony, Brittany would have to talk her way into two votes to stay, but her willingness to make small deals with everyone in the house is what put her in this position in the first place. No one seems to trust Brittany or want to work with her so even if she survives this week it could be an uphill battle for her all the way through the finale.

5. Alyssa Snider

As tough as a battle as Brittany is facing, Alyssa is easily the farthest from the finish line. Why? Because who is going to vote for her to win? Monte seems to think that Indy, Jasmine and Kyle will be easy votes for Alyssa to acquire from the jury, but that’s only three of what will be nine. Terrance is a friend of Alyssa, but is also close with Monte and Turner as well, and could possibly be swayed into going with Taylor for the win. Beyond that, Alyssa has no accomplishments in the game to speak of so the likelihood that she can cobble together five votes is slim-to-none odds. Thinking more short term, if Brittany wins the POV and takes herself off the block is there even a scenario where Alyssa doesn’t go home in her place?

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