61% of ‘Big Brother’ viewers say Taylor deserved to win, but what about Monte and Turner? [POLL RESULTS]

Sunday night on the season finale of “Big Brother 24,” Taylor Hale made history by becoming the first Black woman to win the show. In addition to claiming the $750,000 grand prize, the Michigan beauty queen was also named America’s Favorite Houseguest and pocketed that $50,000 check (plus a seven-day cruise) as well. Monte Taylor was the Season 24 runner-up, while Matthew “Turner” Turner placed third. Are you happy with how things ended up on CBS’s reality TV show?

Gold Derby conducted an overnight poll asking viewers who REALLY deserved to win the season, and we can now reveal the poll results. Taylor came in first place with a whopping 61%, followed by Monte at 21% and Turner at 18%. Do you agree or disagree with your fellow “Big Brother” fans? Be sure to sound off down in the comments section.

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“This is like winning Miss Congeniality all over again, but there’s a cash prize this time,” Taylor exclaimed after “BB” host Julie Chen Moonves revealed the results of America’s Favorite Houseguest. As for what she’s planning on buying with her total $800,000, Taylor revealed, “I’m gonna spend a lot of money at the mall. Also I think I have to go and buy some potato chips after this.”

Monte was only able to sway one juror to his side (Turner), so the season ended with an 8-to-1 jury vote. Monte’s prize for coming in second place was a not-too-shabby $75,000. “I feel so great right now, Julie,” Monte proclaimed at the end of the two-hour finale. “Just so blessed for the opportunity to meet all of these people and play this game to the best of my ability. So I’m very appreciative right now.”

On social media, “Big Brother” viewers and former houseguests are overwhelming pleased with Taylor’s victory.

Last summer’s champion, Xavier Prather, tweeted, “It is my great pleasure to pass the crown of Big Brother winner to Taylor Hale, the FIRST black female winner in Big Brother history (non-celebrity edition). MICHIGAN WE UP!!!”

Last year’s recipient of America’s Favorite Houseguest, Tiffany Mitchell, wrote, “I’m literally in tears. I know she just delivered.”

Fellow Cookout alliance member Hannah Chaddha proclaimed, “wow. taylor mackenzie dickens hale, you are a queen. you represent the brightest light. you embody grace. you encapsulate resilience. you were able to finish what your sisters before you started. i am so proud of you my girl.”

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