Brittany Hoopes (‘Big Brother 24’) exit interview: ‘I would have crushed Monte in those comps at the end’

Despite a last-ditch effort to save herself this week, Brittany Hoopes was evicted on Thursday night’s live episode of “Big Brother.” The 32-year old hypnotherapist from Austin, Texas was sent to the jury house by Monte Taylor, who won this week’s Veto contest and the sole power to evict. Monte decided Matthew “Turner” Turner was better for his game heading into Sunday’s finale along with Taylor Hale.

“If I’m being honest, it makes most sense for his game,” Brittany told host Julie Chen Moonves during her exit interview. “[Monte] is closer with Turner. I know I would have crushed him in those comps at the end. I feel confident about that. He’s right. His arguments were logical. It just wasn’t in my favor.”

Does Brittany think she could have won the jury over if she sat next to Monte? “I don’t know, it’s really difficult to say,” she admitted. “You don’t know what state we’re leaving jury in, and of course I’ll be there too.”

Last week she voted to evict Taylor and she blamed it on Turner. Does Brittany regret that move? “No, I don’t,” she asserts. “They were already targeting me. So what? You’re going to target me more? You can’t really go any further that. I just needed to shake things up a little bit to see if anything would work.”

What does she think about the way Michael Bruner called her out in his final plea to stay in the game? “There’s a lot of questions that I have for him,” she explains. “Anything I said against him, he was aware of. That was a part of our strategy. I needed to go get information and bring it back to him. I guess I never anticipated that he would use that against me, considering he knew that was how we were going to get our way to the end. I have a lot of questions. I would love to be friends, I just need to understand more.” She continued, “We weren’t supposed to be friends. We weren’t supposed to work together, we didn’t have anything to offer one another, yet we were. That just really stuck with me. I’m really hoping we have a beautiful friendship after this.”

Preceding Brittany’s Day 79 eviction were Paloma Aguilar on Day 8, Joe ‘Pooch’ Pucciarelli on Day 16, Ameerah Jones on Day 23, Nicole Layog on Day 30, Daniel Durston on Day 37, Indy Santos on Day 44, Jasmine Davis on Day 51, Joseph Abdin on Day 51, Kyle Capener on Day 58, Terrance Higgins on Day 65, Michael Bruner on Day 65 and Alyssa Snider on Day 72. Brittany will become juror #8 and vote for the Season 24 winner on September 25.

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