‘Dancing with the Stars’ Elvis Night recap: Which celebs were ‘All Shook Up’ when they danced to songs by the King? [UPDATING LIVE BLOG]

Dancing with the Stars” got off to a strong start in its September 19 debut on the Disney+ streaming platform, where the long-running reality show moved from its original home on ABC. Sixteen celebrities performed, but only 15 survived as model and actor Jason Lewis was the first to get the axe after landing in the bottom two with “Real Housewives” star Teresa Giudice based on the combination of judges’ scores and viewer votes. So how did the remaining contestants do on “Elvis Night” on September 26, and who was next on the chopping block? Follow along below with our minute-by-minute live blog of all the action from “Dancing with the Stars” “Elvis Night.”

Dancing the Viennese waltz on tonight’s show were fitness model Joseph Baena (performed to “If I Can Dream”), meteorologist Sam Champion (“Heartbreak Hotel”), and “Bachelorette” star Gabby Windey (“Can’t Help Falling in Love”). The multiple jives of the night were performed by actress Selma Blair (“Jailhouse Rock”), actor and game show host Wayne Brady (“Burning Love”), “CODA” actor Daniel Durant (“King Creole”), and the aforementioned Teresa Giudice (“All Shook Up”). Getting the quickstep were TikTok star Charli D’Amelio (“Bossa Nova Baby”), “Jersey Shore” star Vinny Guadagnino (“Viva Las Vegas”), drag queen Shangela (“Shake, Rattle and Roll”), and singer Jordin Sparks (“Hound Dog”). With the foxtrot were model Heidi D’Amelio (“Suspicious Minds”) and country singer Jessie James Decker (“Trouble”). Actor Trevor Donovan (“Always on My Mind”) danced a rumba. and actress Cheryl Ladd (“A Little Less Conversation”) performed a tango.

In week one of the competition, Charli D’Amelio received by far the highest judges’ score (straight 8s for a total of 32 out of 40), while Guadagnino got the lowest score (three 4s and one 5 for a total of 17 out of 30). But both were safe from elimination when the votes from viewers at home were added in, showing just how important it is to support your favorites from week to week. What happened this week? Read on for all our hot takes. (Times listed are Eastern.)

Daniel Montgomery, 8:00pm — Let’s see how week two of the new Disney+ “Dancing with the Stars” goes. I hope they slow down and give the judges and contestants room to breathe, but I’m not holding my breath. So to speak.

Cordell Martin, 8:01pm — Here we go!

Jeffrey Kare, 8:01pm — Ladies and gentlemen, Elvis has entered the ballroom!

DM, 8:02pm — And it’s Gleb. Because of course it’s Gleb LOL

DM, 8:04pm — Haha, Alfonso Ribeiro is the only one not in costume tonight it seems.

CM, 8:05pm — I peeped that out as well lol

JK, 8:05pm — Although he at least did a bit of an impersonation.

CM, 8:05pm — Why is Jordin going early again???

DM, 8:06pm — No surprise, they’re closing with Wayne Brady though.

DM, 8:07pm — For those unaware, Joseph Baena will not be dancing with Daniella Karagach tonight because she came down with asymptomatic COVID. He’ll be performing with a troupe member instead.

CM, 8:08pm — Teresa better bring it tonight or she’s toast lol

JK, 8:08pm — I agree.


Jessie James Decker and Alan Bersten (Foxtrot)

DM, 8:09pm — Alan tells Jessie they need to work on her technique. I thought she probably deserved better scores than she got last week.

DM, 8:12pm — She looked a little tentative during that one.

CM , 8:13pm — She was slightly better this week. She still needs to let go.

JK, 8:13pm — It appeared to be a bit of an improvement from last week. Had potential to be dynamic, but they could probably use a little more work.

CM, 8:13pm — I can see her get a mix of 6’s and 7’s

JUDGES — Len Goodman thought the mix of steps was good and her legs were strong. She looked good in hold and improved on last week. Derek Hough thought it was more controlled than last week’s performance, but she needs to point her free foot more. Bruno Tonioli says she’s on the right track tonight, and he appreciated the proper foxtrot content, but she needs to glide better. Carrie Ann Inaba is proud of her, a “huge step” from last week, with elegance and tension.

SCORES — Carrie Ann (7), Len (6), Derek (6), Bruno (6) = 25 out of 40

CM, 8:15pm — Those scores were fair.

Jordin Sparks and Brandon Armstrong (Quickstep)

DM, 8:16pm — She’s got “Hound Dog,” one of the most iconic Elvis numbers, so she has a lot to live up to. Brandon wants to make sure to focus on her footwork. Indeed, this dance style requires a LOT of precision.

DM, 8:18pm — Brandon gave her a LOT of tough content but she kept up with it for the most part.

CM , 8:18pm — I love how she just goes for it. I agree that Brandon did give her a lot of choreography.

JUDGES — Derek thought she had amazing performance quality, but her frame needs work, especially her arm. Bruno thought it was lively, and she has the ability to attack like a cat, but she had a couple of off moments. Carrie Ann loves that she owns everything about herself and her confidence in her movements, but she did have a few missteps. Len thought there was control with the speed, but he agrees that she needs to strengthen up her frame.

CM, 8:21pm — She better get a higher score than Jessie.

SCORES — Carrie Ann (7), Len (6), Derek (7), Bruno (7) = 27 out of 40

JK, 8:22pm — And that’s exactly what she got.

CM, 8:22pm — I can dig those scores.

Sam Champion and Cheryl Burke (Viennese Waltz)

DM, 8:23pm — Sam is proud just to have gotten across the floor last week. Cheryl is balancing being Sam’s dance mom with being his friend. I think Viennese waltz will be a good routine for him to settle down into, though he had another Elvis classic, “Heartbreak Hotel.”

CM, 8:25pm — I see you Sam!

DM, 8:25pm — I thought Sam did really well, an improvement from last week for sure.

JK, 8:26pm — Solid for the most part, though it probably could’ve been refined a bit.

CM, 8:26pm — Yes! Great song choice. I thought Sam was in his element tonight.

JUDGES — Bruno thought the rotation was good and he looked like a leading man. Carrie Ann thought the confidence was there and his posture was fantastic. Len thought it was more confident than last week, but he needs to keep his head more to the left in hold. Derek thought he dropped his arm a little too much during the sway, but he could see how much work Cheryl put into helping Sam improve.

SCORES — Carrie Ann (6), Len (6), Derek (7), Bruno (7) = 26 out of 40

JK, 8:28pm — Fair scores.

CM, 8:28pm — I agree. I think that dance kept him out of jeopardy

Shangela and Gleb Savchenko (Quickstep)

DM, 8:29pm — Gleb reveals these were his first night-one 7s from the judges. But Shangela has never heard of a quickstep. She’s determined to look like her legs are as refined as “Bridgerton,” though.

DM, 8:31pm — Felt a little hectic in places, but Gleb gave her TONS of content, and she did a good job with it.

CM, 8:31pm — Another fun performance from Shangela.

JK, 8:32pm — Very energetic.

JUDGES — Carrie Ann thought she was sharp and committed to her movement, but she might have missed a move. Len thought it was joyful and held his attention throughout. Derek thought it was “awesome,” but she needs to watch her posture in hold. Bruno thought it was exuberant and had zest for life, but there was an incident where they went wrong.

SCORES — Carrie Ann (7), Len (7), Derek (7), Bruno (7) = 28 out of 40

CM, 8:36pm — Well deserved.

DM, 8:36pm — Kinda surprised they got straight 7s. I thought someone would give a 6 because of the misstep they noticed.

Teresa Giudice and Pasha Pashkov (Jive)

CM, 8:36pm — I’m nervous for Teresa.

DM, 8:39pm — Kind of a mess throughout, but a little better than I thought it might have been.

JK, 8:40pm — Definitely an improvement from last week…but that’s still not saying much.

CM, 8:40pm — I agree. At least she had fun.

JUDGES — Len thought it was bright and lively, but there were too many faults in her leg action, and she wasn’t sharp enough in her kicks. Derek thought there was a freshness about her that he liked, but there wasn’t a lot of bounce and there were some mistakes, but she found her groove towards the end. Bruno felt she captured the spirit of the dance and really went for it. What she needs to work on is her timing. Carrie Ann saw her focus in improving her work, but it was a little heavy-footed.

SCORES — Carrie Ann (6), Len (5), Derek (6), Bruno (6) = 23 out of 40

DM, 8:42pm — Those 6s were a little generous.

JK, 8:43pm — Yeah.


Daniel Durant and Britt Stewart (Jive)

DM, 8:44pm — Britt’s is concerned with getting Daniel’s timing right due to his deafness. She’s gotta be creative in coming up with the cues for him, but for some reason I’m not worried about him. I think he’ll nail it.

JK, 8:46pm — That was EXCELLENT!

CM, 8:47pm — Great job Daniel!

DM, 8:47pm — That was really solid from Daniel even though you could see in places where she was doing a lot of the work

JUDGES — Derek appreciated that he was in character from start to finish, but his free arm was a little sloppy. The musicality was incredible, though. Bruno thought he was so strong and sculpted in his shapes, and he couldn’t find anything wrong. Carrie Ann thought it was a tough dance to judge because she was so impressed with how he interpreted the song without being able to hear it. He needs to point his toes more. Len thought it was tight and together with a lot of content in and out of hold.

JK, 8:49pm — Nice to see both of his former onscreen parents Marlee Matlin and Troy Kotsur in the audience.

SCORES — Carrie Ann (7), Len (7), Derek (7), Bruno (8) = 29 out of 40

JK, 8:50pm — Wow! The highest score of the night so far.

Gabby Windey and Val Chmerkovskiy (Viennese Waltz)

DM, 8:51pm  — Dancing to “Can’t Help Falling in Love” for her first dance since the “Bachelorette” finale where she got engaged. This time her fiance is there to support her out in the open.

DM, 8:54pm — Clean and precise, definitely the best technical dance of the night.

JK, 8:55pm — Stunning!

CM, 8:55pm — Beautiful performance . All 8’s

JUDGES — Bruno was “totally swept away,” the partnering was great between her and Val. Carrie Ann thinks they have a similar chemistry to Val and Mirror Ball champion Rumer Willis. Len thought it had lovely rotation and elegance, it was “soft like a whisper.” Derek thought it was “stunning” and “effortless,” but she needs to watch her shoulders when she turns.

SCORES — Carrie Ann (8), Len (8), Derek (8), Bruno (8) = 32 out of 40

DM, 8:57pm — A new highest score of the night, and well deserved.

Vinny Guadagnino and Koko Iwasaki (Quickstep)

DM, 8:58pm — Vinny felt “horrible” getting the lowest score, but he’s got the quickstep, where Vinny’s problems with timing could be even more glaring. He could be in trouble.

DM, 9:00pm — Looked really awkward in hold, but his timing was MUCH better.

CM, 9:01pm — I agree much better than last week

JK, 9:01pm — A bit wonky in some places, though still an improvement.

CM, 9:01pm — He definitely won’t be at the bottom of the leaderboard

JUDGES — Carrie Ann thought he was her favorite Elvis of the night so far. Len thought he went all in and it paid off. Derek yells “Redemption!” and compliments his frame. Bruno thinks Vinny is a “contender.”

DM, 9:03pm — It wasn’t nearly as good as those judges’ comments LOL.

SCORES — Carrie Ann (7), Len (6), Derek (7), Bruno (7) = 27 out of 40

DM, 9:04pm — That deserved 6s, Len got it right.

Charli D’Amelio and Mark Ballas (Quickstep)

DM, 9:03pm — I’m zero amount of concerned for her handling the quickstep. She’s going to have the technique down.

JK, 9:05pm — They’ve used a lot of skills to great effect.

DM, 9:05pm — Impeccable … until the end where it looked like she missed a step, but otherwise perfect.

CM, 9:05pm — Wow!

JUDGES –Len thinks she’s a terrific dancer, but he thought it was jarring going from in hold to out of hold. Derek thought the side-by-side section was great, but he agrees with Len that she had problems while in hold. Bruno thought it was a “delicious” quickstep, and the quality of movement was like a hummingbird. Carrie Ann loved it, it was “pristine and precise.”

DM, 9:09pm — The judges criticisms were too nitpicky, even with her experience.

SCORES — Carrie Ann (8), Len (8), Derek (8), Bruno (8) = 32 out of 40

JK, 9:09pm — Now it’s a tie for the highest score of the night.

DM, 9:10pm — I’m glad she got those 8s. I was worried she was gonna get a 7 or two

Selma Blair and Sasha Farber (Jive)

DM, 9:10pm — She feels amazing after her night one dance, but jive is a MUCH different kind of dance, and it’s going to challenge her greatly. Sasha wants to help her rely on muscle memory to get it. She’s worried she’ll freeze up during the live show.

CM, 9:11pm — Let’s go Selma!

DM, 9:12pm — I’m AMAZED by what Selma was able to accomplish with that. I couldn’t even spot any moment where her condition slowed her down.

JK, 9:12pm — Everything about that performance was incredible from the camera work to the production values to the dance movements.

CM, 9:13pm — Kudos to Sasha on the choreography

JUDGES — Derek thought it was “really amazing.” Bruno thought she made it hers and made it work. Carrie Ann thinks she makes it look a lot easier than it must be for her, though she did go out of time after the split. Len thought it was well done with a lot of recognizable jive.

SCORES — Carrie Ann (7), Len (7), Derek (7), Bruno (7) = 28 out of 40

DM, 9:17pm — Well-deserved and hard-earned 7s. If we were grading on a curve, that deserved 12s.


Cheryl Ladd and Louis van Amstel (Tango)

DM, 9:19pm — Last week Cheryl really surprised the judges, who thought she could handle even more choreography than she got, so that’s exactly what Louis plans to give them.

DM, 9:21pm — God bless her, I love Cheryl, but that was rough.

JK, 9:23pm — Kind of middle of the road. Though clever finish on the judges’ table.

JUDGES — Bruno praises her for going for the attitude, but she “messed up so many links” and wasn’t able to cover it. Carrie Ann agrees that they got on the wrong foot multiple times, but she always came back from it. Len appreciates that it was a proper tango, and she’s made an old judge happy. Derek thought the intro had great ferocity, and he loves watching her because she clearly loves dance.

SCORES — Carrie Ann (5), Len (6), Derek (5), Bruno (5) = 21 out of 40

DM, 9:24pm — Those 5s were totally fair, the 6 from Len was chivalrous LOL

CM, 9:21pm — Cheryl will be in the bottom 2

Joseph Baena and Alexis Warr (Viennese Waltz)

DM, 9:26pm — The challenge for Daniella was taking his muscular frame and getting him to soften his knees and movements. Let’s see how that pays off with Daniella’s substitute, Alexis.

JK, 9:28pm — Props to Alexis for coming in at the last minute and doing a marvelous job with Joseph.

DM, 9:28pm — That was okay, a little stompy in hold, but he did a solid job under the circumstances.

JUDGES — Carrie Ann thought Joseph was impressive leading the dance, but there were a few missteps. Len thought there were a few sticky moments, but he liked to see the more gentle side of Joseph. Derek thought he swam instead of sinking in a very difficult situation. Bruno thinks he needs to work on his hands and his frame, he sticks his butt out too much.

SCORES — Carrie Ann (6), Len (6), Derek (6), Bruno (6) = 24 out of 40

DM, 9:31pm — Those scores were about right for that dance.

Heidi D’Amelio and Artem Chigvintsev (Foxtrot)

DM, 9:32pm — Artem appreciates how hard she’s working to get it aesthetically perfect, what he needs to get out of her is more emotional expression.

JK, 9:34pm — That was really good.

DM, 9:34pm — Smooth, solid dance from Heidi, she did express a little more.

JUDGES — Len thought it had elegance and sophistication, but it needed more freedom on occasion. Derek thinks she has the technique, but he still wants more feeling from her. Bruno thought it was smooth dancing, but there was a little hiccup during an underarm turn. Carrie Ann can see the trust developing between her and Artem, but she needs to work on her flexibility.

SCORES — Carrie Ann (7), Len (7), Derek (7), Bruno (7) = 28 out of 40

Trevor Donovan and Emma Slater (Rumba)

DM, 9:38pm — Maybe last week’s performance was just to work out the kinks and getting him over his fear of dancing. But rumba needs to be VERY expressive. It’s gonna be tough, I think.

DM, 9:41pm — That was so much better from Trevor than I was expecting. A lot of real expression and musicality in that one. I stand correcteted.

CM, 9:41pm — Yeah I was surprised how fluid he was in his movement.

JK, 9:41pm — He’s really growing in dance skills.

JUDGES — Derek can sense that Trevor actually loves dance. His form could have been better, but it was an “exceptional” rumba. Bruno doesn’t think he’s seen a man do a rumba that well in week two. Carrie Ann thinks Trevor will be on a lot of people’s minds. It was hot, sophisticated, he was in control, but Emma needs to keep her feet on the ground. Len thought it was a metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly.

CM, 9:44pm — Really Carrie Ann?

SCORES — Carrie Ann (7), Len (7), Derek (8), Bruno (8) = 30 out of 40

DM, 9:45pm — Okay, Bruno’s 8 was judging something besides the dancing, but the 7s were right.

CM, 9:45pm — Exactly lol

Wayne Brady and Witney Carson (Jive)

CM, 9:46pm — Teresa, Cheryl or Jessie will be in the bottom 2

JK, 9:47pm — I can definitely see that happening.

JK, 9:48pm — What a fantastic finish for tonight!

DM, 9:48pm — Wayne really cleaned it up from week to week. Nice and smooth throughout.

CM, 9:49pm — Another entertaining performance from Wayne. I loved how slick and smooth he was with the movements.

JUDGES — Bruno thought it was “on fire,” he was on it and in it, with a lot of great Elvis details on the right beats. Carrie Ann saw no evidence of knee pain, it was smooth and sharp. Len thought there was no messing or stressing, it was a “proper, great jive,” but he wants Wayne to protect his knees to stay in the competition for as long as possible Derek thought they were the best kicks and flicks of all the jives tonight.

SCORES — Carrie Ann (8), Len (8), Derek (8), Bruno (8) = 32 out of 40

DM, 9:52pm — Three couples tied at the top, not surprised by who ended up there.


1. Wayne Brady — 32
1. Gabby Windey — 32
1. Charli D’Amelio — 32
4. Trevor Donovan — 30
5. Daniel Durant — 29
6. Shangela — 28
6. Selma Blair — 28
6. Heidi D’Amelio — 28
9. Vinny Guadagnino — 27
9. Jordin Sparks — 27
11. Sam Champion — 26
12. Jessie James Decker — 25
13. Joseph Baena — 24
14. Teresa Giudice — 23
15. Cheryl Ladd — 21


DM, 9:55pm — First four safe celebs: Heidi, Jordin, Sam, and Daniel.

DM, 9:56pm — Next safe celebs: Wayne, Selma, Joseph, and Shangela

DM, 9:56pm — Next safe celebs: Trevor, Charli, Gabby, and Vinny.

DM, 9:56pm — Last safe celeb is … Jessie. So Cheryl Ladd and Teres Giudice are the bottom two.

CM , 9:57pm — Bye Cheryl.

DM, 9:57pm — Derek votes to save Teresa. Bruno also votes to save Teresa. Carrie Ann wants to save Cheryl. So whatever Len says is who stays. He votes to save Cheryl. So Teresa Giudice is out! Gotta say I’m surprised by that result, but not surprised Len voted to save Cheryl in the end.

JK, 9:59pm — More like bye Teresa.

CM, 9:59pm — Wow.

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