Elie Scott (‘Survivor 43’ exit interview): ‘I think it was a good move on them’

While Jeanine Zheng was left stunned by the elimination of her closest ally Elisabeth “Elie” Scott on Wednesday’s sixth episode of “Survivor,” Elie was in good spirits, exclaiming, “They got me!” Read her “Survivor 43” exit interview below.

As a confident and strategic player from the jump, Elie fully admitted that it wasn’t dumb for the newly merged players to vote her out. She said, “I think it was a good move on them — I had a lot more game left to play.” Out of the gate at the merge, Elie had more intel than many of the other players, already knowing who at her former Baka camp had the advantages and fiercely aligned with the Baka idol holder, Jeanine. She also learned through conversation with Noelle Lambert that Cody Assenmacher likely had the idol from Vesi.

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But all the game knowledge in the world wasn’t enough to save Elie once Mike Gabler told half of the players at the merge feast how Elie had went through his bag on day three. Hints that Baka, the tribe that entered the merge with the most players, might be divided was music to the ears of anyone at Vesi and Coco that wanted to listen. Word of Gabler’s openness at the feast quickly spread once they returned to camp, and Elie learned that her name had “bubbled to the surface” as an option to vote. “Gabler really threw me under the bus,” she said after exiting. “I think he’s the reason I’m here today.”

Elie had developed a plan for the Baka five to work with the Vesi four to have a majority over the Coco four, and suggested to the players of those tribes that they split the vote between James Jones and Cassidy Clark. But in order to keep James and Cassidy calm, she attempted to align with them against Cody. Unfortunately, James was sketched out by Elie’s approach to the conversation and once the news of the divide at Baka spread, James had easy ammunition to turn the tides against Elie.

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With James already on board to get Elie out, Elie needed the support of her original Baka tribe, but Sami Layadi knew that sticking by Elie at this point could cause more trouble than is worth it and so he pushed for her to go as well. Eventually word got around to Vesi that Elie had been throwing Cody’s name out to Coco members and so it was an easy call for Cody, Jesse Lopez and Dwight Moore to all vote Elie out, too.

Considering how her fall in the game unfolded, Elie could have a lot to groan about, especially about the way her own tribe threw her under the bus, but she was all smiles on her way out of the game. She concluded, “I’m sure I came out the gate playing a little too hard, but I don’t have any hard feelings and I had so much fun. This was an opportunity of a lifetime. I will never, ever forget the people that I met and it was the best time of my life.”

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