Julia Garner (‘Ozark’) earning passionate raves for gut-wrenching ‘Sanctified’ performance: ‘Get that 3rd Emmy!’

Julia Garner has already won two Emmys for playing curly-haired honey badger Ruth Langmore on Netflix’s “Ozark.” Now, viewers are convinced her gut-wrenching performance in the seventh episode of Season 4, titled “Sanctified,” will net her trophy number three. “Ok, Julia! Get that 3rd Emmy! Her performance in ‘Sanctified’ was phenomenal!” shouts Gold Derby reader Ghost in our TV forums. Read a selection of passionate raves below and then be sure to have your say by joining the discussion with other “Ozark” fans. Warning: this article contains spoilers.

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At the end of “Sanctified,” which serves as the Part 1 finale of Season 4, Ruth finds out that her loving cousin Wyatt Langmore (Charlie Tahan) and his new wife/heroine manufacturer Darlene Snell (Lisa Emery) have both been murdered in cold blood. Ruth immediately assumes Frank Cosgrove Jr. (Joseph Sikora) did the dirty deed out of retaliation for Darlene killing his father, but when she calls him to threaten him, he proclaims his innocence. That’s when she realizes the Byrdes (Jason Bateman and Laura Linney) might know the identity of the hitman.

Ruth speeds over to their house, shotgun in hand, and demands to know who killed her cousin. Jonah Byrde (Skylar Gaertner) is the one who eventually breaks, explaining that it was likely Javier “Javi” Elizonndro (Alfonso Herrera), the unhinged nephew of the Mexican drug cartel leader. When Marty and Wendy warn Ruth not to go after Javi because he’s helping out the FBI, she screeches back with daggers in her eyes that the government will just have to kill her.

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Below, see a sampling of what our forum users think of Garner’s performance. Sound off in our message boards to give us YOUR hot takes.

FilmRoyalty: “Ruth is my idol. Both Laura Linney and Julia Garner are winning Emmys.”

ReginaIsKing: “Julia though WHEW. Her performance has aged for me over the years but damn did that finale just reign me back in for her. She is a huge f***ing lock for that Emmy.”

kat_ebbs: “She ate that finale up.”

And Just Like That…: “I need Garner to snatch third Emmy, though it’ll certainly be hard against [Sarah] Snook [of ‘Succession’].”

mafro987: “Garner ate that whole sequence.”

CarlosEdu: “I just finished the Part 1 and I love it but it’s hard to forget that the last ten minutes of episode 7, Julia Garner really can win her third Emmy.”

gabspss: “Julia Garner on that final scene…… WOOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She was just F– amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! One of the best acted scenes I’ve ever seen and I’m not even exaggerating.”

ja91: “Watched all 7 episodes in two days and wow! Julia Garner is coming for that Emmy #3. Can’t wait for Part 2.”

Speaking of Part 2 of “Ozark” Season 4, there is still no official word on when it will stream on Netflix. Rumors are circulating that it might be in May, which would make it eligible for the 2022 Emmys (just like Part 1). However, if the network decides to hold it until after the cutoff day of May 31, it would instead be eligible for the 2023 Emmys, meaning the final season would get to double-dip at two different awards cycles. That’s the path several other prestige dramas took — think “The Sopranos,” “Mad Men” and “Breaking Bad.”

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