Julie Chen Moonves (‘Celebrity Big Brother’) teases ‘game-changing power’ inside mystery box

Just moments after UFC champion Miesha Tate became the first Head of Household of “Celebrity Big Brother 3” in Episode 1, host Julie Chen Moonves revealed the first “game-changing power” of the season. As it turned out, the mystery box that had been in plain sight throughout the entire Met Gala-inspired endurance competition actually contained a secret twist. “Now, there is another power up for grabs this week,” she teased to the 11 celeb houseguests. “I cannot tell you what it is. But I can tell you that it is inside the gala gift.”

Comedian Chris Kattan responded in a private confessional, “Julie makes this announcement about something being in the gift box. We have no idea what’s in the gift box. I want what’s in that box so bad. ‘Cause I’ve always wanted what’s in the box. That’s just me — I’m that kind of guy. I’ve always wondered, what’s in the box?”

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Julie continued on, “That gift will be a blessing to one … and a curse to another.” Ooo, this sounds like a classic case of “expect the unexpected” if you ask us.

“Diff’rent Strokes” star Todd Bridges, who voluntarily didn’t compete in the challenge because Julie required someone to sit in the regal throne as the master of ceremonies, told the camera, “You know, I sat out of the competition. I took one for the team. You better believe that I want to get the blessing in that box. I don’t care who else gets the curse. But I want to be blessed.”

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For her part, Miesha was understandably frustrated — a new power could have the potential to disrupt her reign as the first Head of Household of “CBB3.” “What in the world is going on?” she demanded to know in a confessional. “I am just hoping and praying that this little twist is not something that is going to mess up my game in the first week.”

Speaking directly to the audience, Julie smiled, “The celebrities are in and the game has begun.” Tune in during the Thursday, February 3 episode to find out what’s inside the mystery box. Plus, Miesha will nominate the first two celebrities for eviction.

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