Miesha deserved to win ‘Celebrity Big Brother 3,’ say 64% of viewers — what about Todrick and Cynthia? [POLL RESULTS]

Wednesday night on CBS, “Celebrity Big Brother 3” host Julie Chen Moonves announced that Miesha Tate had won the $250,000 grand prize by an overwhelming margin. The UFC mixed martial artist received seven jury votes, compared to just one jury vote for runner-up Todrick Hall. (See the winners list.) Cynthia Bailey was evicted in third place midway through finale night, so she became the eighth and final juror.

We asked “CBB3” viewers who REALLY deserved to win among the Final 3, and they overwhelmingly agreed with the celebrities on the jury. But how did Todrick and Cynthia fare in our poll? Here are the complete poll results:

64% — Miesha Tate

24% — Cynthia Bailey

12% — Todrick Hall

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Many of the jurors felt that Miesha and Todrick were both villains in the house, but that Miesha was the “lesser of two evils.” The only person who voted for Todrick to win was Cynthia, who admitted she felt a bond with him because he took her under his wing after her ride-or-die Carson Kressley was evicted. Todrick ended up claiming the $50,000 check as the runner-up of the season — not too shabby for 29 days of work.

The exiled celebrities were noticeably upset with the way Todrick played the game, with Todd Bridges rolling his eyes repeatedly when Todrick answered the jury’s questions. See for yourself:

Shanna Moakler upped the ante by claiming she never wanted to hear Todrick’s voice again. And Chris Kirkpatrick noted he wasn’t voting for Todrick in honor of his son. That was a callback to earlier in the season when Todrick suggested Chris’ son wouldn’t be proud of the way his father played — ouch.

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Miesha absolutely dominated the physical part of the game by winning a leading six competitions — four HOHs and two Vetos. To compare, Todrick won one HOH and one Veto, while Cynthia didn’t get on the board at all. Since Miesha and Todrick worked openly as a duo throughout their stay and evicted all of their co-stars together, they both had blood on their hands. Ultimately, the jury went with Miesha thanks to a combination of her challenge dominance and Todrick’s rougher social game.

Also in the season finale, Julie revealed the results of America’s Favorite Houseguest, in which viewers voted to reward one person with a cool $25,000. Carson was “thrilled” to win the prize and announced he would donate a portion to charity.

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