Can Gold Derby’s best Oscar predictor ‘Wasileke’ do it again? [WATCH VIDEO]

Can the best Oscar predictor at Gold Derby do it again? Last year our top user “Wasileke” (a shortened, simplified version of his full Polish name Michal Wasilewski) tied more than 100 other Derbyites for best accuracy score (86.96%), but it was his smart use of one of his two Super Bets that got him the giant jump in points that pushed him ahead of his rivals. He picked “My Octopus Teacher” early in derby season when it had 37/1 odds and then he stubbornly stuck with it. Click on his name at the top of last year’s leaderboard and you’ll see exactly how smart this young 21-year-old Polish chap is who lives in Manchester, England.

Now Gold Derby editor Tom O’Neil  and Expert Tariq Khan debate with Michal who’ll end up prevailing on Oscar night tonight. The race for Best Picture between “CODA” and “The Power of the Dog” is so close “that it’s literally 50/50,” Michal says.

Earlier today he was betting on “CODA,” but then switched to “Power of the Dog,” but warned us that he may very well switch back to “CODA” before the show starts. He did so – see his full list of current predictions here. Meantime, FYI, Tariq and I have stuck with “Power of the Dog.”

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