‘Outlander’ season 6 episode 6 video recap: Dysentery strikes at the heart of Fraser’s Ridge in ‘The World Turned Upside Down’ [WATCH]

What did you think of “Outlander” Season 6, Episode 6, titled “The World Turned Upside Down,” which aired Sunday, April 10 on Starz? Senior editor Rob Licuria and super-fan and contributing writer Paula Sullivan-Licuria dish the highs and lows of the episode in this sixth installment of our ongoing video series this season (watch the video recap above).

In this sixth episode, as a dysentery epidemic strikes the Ridge, Claire falls gravely ill, testing her bond with her beloved Jamie. Meanwhile, the episode ends on a shocking twist as a key character is found lying dead in the Frasers’ garden with a slit throat. “The World Turned Upside Down” is written by Toni Graphia and directed by Justin Molotnikov.

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For this week’s special episode recap, Rob and Paula invited back three previous super-fan guests to dish the highs and lows of “The World Turned Upside Down” – fellow Aussie Dimity Statheos dialing in from her home outside Sydney, Canadian fan Stacy Henry staying warm inside after a snow storm at her home near Toronto, and C. Dianne Manning representing the US contingent from her home in California.

“I really, really enjoyed it,” Henry proclaims. “I’ve also watched it a couple of times and I think my appreciation for it has grown, the more I’ve sat with it and actually talk to other people about their perspectives about it,” she admits about how the episode took on some new meaning after watching it again.

“I was elated by much of what was there and I was devastated by a few things that weren’t,” Manning says, hinting that she adored parts of the episode, but was ready to offer some welcome and constructive feedback for the show.

“I just love that we got this inner monologue from Claire’s point of view, how she how she is coping, how is she processing this whole scenario,” Dimity shares, eluding to the latter half of the episode where much of the drama is told from Claire’s subjective point of view.

This is not a chat you want to miss, as the group dissect all of the key scenes in the episode and provide their theories and perspectives on what they loved, and what didn’t quite work for them.

For this sixth season on Starz, the fantasy romance saga is based on “A Breath of Snow and Ashes,” the sixth installment in acclaimed author Diana Gabaldon’s series of fantasy novels. Stay tuned for our recap of Episode 6 next week, and be sure to also check out our recap and analysis videos for the other episodes so far this season:

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