‘RuPaul’s Drag Race 14’ poll results: It’s a split decision on which Lalapaurza round was your favorite

On last Friday’s 11th episode of “RuPaul’s Drag Race 14,” the bottom seven queens that failed to impress during the “Snatch Game” were thrown into the storm of a “Lipsync Lalaparuza Smackdown” to determine which of them would be sent home. Over the course of the night, the seven queens faced off in six lipsync head-to-heads. Because that many performances in one episode is a treat (think: gold chocolate bar sweet) we wanted to know which of the six was YOUR favorite. Scroll down for the complete poll results, which are mostly inconclusive as it would appear we as an audience are split!

In the first round, Daya Betty bested Jasmine Kennedie after choosing the one song from the list that she thought she could embody the emotion of, “Respect.” As Daya suspected, the song did not fit with Jasmine’s dancer background, but Daya’s ability to remain at the front of the stage, often in front of Jasmine altogether, likely clinched her the win.

In the second round, Willow Pill smartly chose Bosco as her opponent because she had a hunch that Bosco would go for the one song that Willow was confident with. “Never Too Much” was that song and gave Willow the chance to “park and bark” for a performance that matched the lyrics of the songs while Bosco’s sexier approach felt a bit out of place.

In the third round, Jorgeous beat Angeria Paris VanMichaels and Lady Camden in a threeway to “Radio.” All the queens were worried about going against Jorgeous because of how strong of a lipsync performer she is, but Angie and Camden both brought their own style to the song with dance moves that drew in just as much attention.

In the fourth round, Camden was able to show a new side of herself in “Don’t Let Go” while still bringing her dance knowledge in a way that made sense with the song. Bosco’s sexier approach to the song didn’t match the energy of the soul song, even though it was Camden’s take that turned Daya on from back stage.

In the fifth round, Angie earned her safety on “Love Don’t Cost a Thing” by serving the attitude of the song compared to Jasmine’s reliance on tricks and splits. Angie showed “drag presence” to the girls back stage and was able to keep all the attention on her.

In the final round, Jasmine came up short for the third time during “Swept Away” and was sent home. Despite giving a campier take, Jasmine was not able to overcome Bosco’s “stripper moves” that finally worked well in one of the night’s songs.

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Based on your votes in the poll, there is no clear favorite among us. Topping the results are the performances from round 2 and round 3. Both “Never Too Much” between Willow and Bosco and the threeway of “Radio” between Jorgeous, Angie and Camden are polling ahead of the pack with 29%. They are closely followed by the round 4 performance of “Don’t Let Go” where Camden secured her safety and sent Bosco to the final round to save herself. That round is polling at about 23%. Hovering at the bottom of the poll is the fifth round performance of “Love Don’t Cost a Thing” between Angie and Jasmine which only has 2% of your votes.

Here are the o-fficial poll results to determine our favorite round of the “Lipsync Lalaparuza Smackdown” in episode 11:

29% – “Never Too Much” – Willow vs. Bosco

29% – “Radio” – Jorgeous vs. Angie vs. Camden

23% – “Don’t Let Go” – Camden vs. Bosco

13% – “Swept Away” – Bosco vs. Jasmine

4% – “Respect” – Daya vs. Jasmine

2% – “Love Don’t Cost a Thing” – Angie vs. Jasmine

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