‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ season 14 episode 10 recap: The judges investigate which queen killed ‘Snatch Game’

In episode 9 of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” season 14, the queens took to the stage in their own version of RuPaul’s DragCon, providing panel discussions on all things “Menzeses.” Bosco owned the stage in her moderator realness and earned her second challenge of the win. On the bottom, we were all treated to an anticipated showdown between Jorgeous and Jasmine Kennedie in a Lipsync for Your Life that resulted in a “double shantay.”

This week, the top eight step into celebrity skins for the iconic impersonation challenge, “Snatch Game.” Read below for our recap of episode 10 to see which queens enter Drag Race herstory with memorable performances and which ones fail to snatch our attention.

The eight remaining queens are: Angeria Paris VanMichealsBosco, Daya BettyDeJa Skye, Jasmine Kennedie, JorgeousLady Camden, and Willow Pill.

The Jasmine vs. Jorgeous lipsync was something everyone was looking forward to after seeing both of the queens turn the stage out in prior performances. Unsurprisingly, their “double shantay” was a relief to both of them, but Daya was not impressed. Instead she was irritated that eight queens still remained and that Jasmine, the queen Daya’s had the most tension with all season, stayed for the third time. At the top, DeJa was disappointed that she got so close to the win again, but came up short. At this point in the competition a win is so important to the queens who want to prove themselves to the judges and gain the assurance that they have a shot at the title.

RuPaul Charles wasted no time the next morning getting the girls out of their day looks and into quick drag using “nothing but bubble wrap.” In the mini challenge, the queens had 30 minutes to fashion original looks made of bubble wrap and then walk the red carpet to “pop” in a paparazzi-style photo. The girls were not shy about slapping messy makeup on their face and duct taping the bubble wrap into the cutest creations they could. Bosco’s red rock-n-roll look that reminded Camden of Aquaria‘s entrance look and was the right flavor for Ru who chose her as the winner.

After the mini challenge, Ru disclosed to the queens that they’d made it far enough in the season to compete in the legendary “Snatch Game” challenge, serving their best celebrity impersonations in a game show format for laughs. As always, the queens came to the show with plans of whose personality they’d take on for the challenge. During a check-in with Ru, Jorgeous and Daya impressed with the decision to play Ilana Glazer from “Broad City” and Ozzy Osbourne, respectively. Ru is a huge fan of both and so the chances of success were high, but so was the risk. Angie chose season 1 Drag Racer Tammie Brown, Jasmine picked Betsy DeVos, DeJa selected Lil Jon, Camden chose William Shakespeare, Willow picked Drew Barrymore, and Bosco would do Gwyneth Paltrow. Across the board, Ru advised the queens to love the character they take on because only then can they approach them from an authentic place that will make them funny.

On the “Snatch Game” set, Raven and Dove Cameron were present as this season’s contestants hoping to match answers with the queens. During their introductions, some of the queens managed to get early laughs out of Ru, but Willow’s first comments as Drew were a major flop — she mentioned how nice it was to finally meet Ru, not realizing that they’d worked together on the talent show “The World’s Best” before. As the game went on, Willow still struggled to get a chuckle out of Ru, but so did the rest of the queens. Bosco relied on too many product pitches as Gwyneth and Daya resorted to copying answers from her cue cards, Angie and Camden recycled the same jokes over and over, Jorgeous got in her own head as Ilana, and Jasmine went too intellectual as Betsy. Only DeJa managed to hit the right notes, earning a laugh every time she dropped another “yeeeeah.”

Later, while painting for the runway, the mood in the Werk Room was down because all of the queens knew that they didn’t deliver at the level they expected to. Jorgeous was certain she’d appear in the bottom two and suggested that Willow and Jasmine might be down there with her. Bosco was equally insecure about her showing, but DeJa was pretty certain that she might finally get that coveted challenge win.

Dove returned with Ru to the main stage, joined by Michelle Visage and Carson Kressley as this week’s panel of judges. On the runway, the queens walked in the “Holy Couture” category beginning with DeJa in a silver Joan of Arc-inspired garment. She was followed by Jasmine in an astrology galaxy dress with elaborate headpiece, Angie in a baby pink Southern Black church mother look, Willow as a mushroom fairy in a fuzzy white garment with red spots, Daya taking on Lady Gaga in a wedding gown, Jorgeous in a small green number with a Pope’s hat and a giant brown joint, Camden in a pink tiger print amalgamation of the five Spice Girls, and Bosco in a nun’s habit that revealed into black leather lingerie with goat hooves.

For the critiques, Michelle began with a disclaimer that they were clearly disappointed with all of the performances and that she’d be here to investigate what went wrong. The only performance they liked was DeJa’s, commenting that she stood out as Lil Jon and was the only one that didn’t take it too seriously. The judges told Jasmine that she took Betsy too literal without jokes, Angie that she relied on one joke, Willow that she looked the part of Drew but was boring, Daya didn’t give Ozzy a “drag twist,” Jorgeous retreated into the background as Ilana, Camden failed to own the runway in what read as a Halloween costume, and Bosco got dragged down in impersonating Gwyneth.

It was a shock to no one that after further deliberation with the judges, Ru declared DeJa this week’s winner. The challenge was for the panel to decide which two of the other seven were at the very bottom of the bottom and so there was ultimately no other choice but to place them all up for elimination. Instead of having all seven of them lipsync for their lives at once, Ru gave us the dreaded “To Be Continued…” moment by stating that they’d return next week to compete in a Lipsync Lalaparuza Smackdown to determine which queen would go home next.

NEXT WEEK: DeJa is safe while the other seven queens fight for their lives in the Lipsync Lalaparuza Smackdown.

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