‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ season 14 episode 11 recap: The queens face off in ‘Lipsync Lalaparuza Smackdown’

In episode 10 of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” season 14, DeJa Skye finally notched a challenge win in an instantly iconic “Snatch Game” episode. DeJa as Lil Jon was the only impersonation the judges liked which led to Michelle Visage leading an investigation of critiques to find out why they were all so bad. To help solve the problem, RuPaul Charles surprised us all with the announcement of a Lipsync Lalaparuza Smackdown between the bottom seven.

This week, we see the continuation of RuPaul’s announcement as the queens reel from the prospect of going home in the “Lipsync Lalaparuza Smackdown.” Read below for our recap of episode 11 to see which queens rise to the occasion and which one falters on stage in this “Very Special Episode.”

The eight remaining queens are: Angeria Paris VanMichealsBosco, Daya BettyDeJa Skye, Jasmine Kennedie, JorgeousLady Camden, and Willow Pill.

Last week’s judges’ critiques leave the queens in disbelief, all at once having to deal with the embarrassment of entering herstory as one of the worst “Snatch Games” and the threat of what the seven of them are about to endure in the smackdown. Daya was frustrated (again), believing that she did well enough to be at least “safe.” Daya opted to turn the attention to Jorgeous and Jasmine, saying “no offense” but they should have been in the bottom again because they’ve been in the bottom so often already. Daya acknowledged that she was being a bitch and asked for the other girls to speak up that they agree, but none of them did. Jasmine was upset by Daya’s choice of words, but thought it was a reflection of how scared Daya is to possibly go against her or Jorgeous in a lipsync.

The next morning the queens prepared for the smackdown not knowing how it would play out. DeJa was sitting pretty without a worry because Ru clarified that she’d be safe from elimination. Camden understood that this was the judges way of showing the girls that they cannot play it safe anymore and need to prove themselves on stage. Angie pointed out that it’s an opportunity to size each other up and see what they all bring to a lipsync.

Bosco came across as the most nervous among the girls and Willow could see the crack forming by her getting in her own head. Bosco and Daya were both nervous specifically about having to go against a dancer like Jorgeous and Jasmine, and Bosco also didn’t want to go against Willow in a campy number. Jasmine wasn’t ready to give up on the tension between her and Daya and so she asked her why she says “no offense” before taking a dig at her. Jasmine explained that it’s a hurtful “buffer” to begin a conversation with, saying that it is her way of preventing the person she’s attacking from having a rebuttal to her comment. Daya thought that Jasmine was simply just trying to get inside her head and take her focus off the lipsync.

Once the queens were ready with their looks, Ru invited them to the main stage with Michelle, Carson Kressley and Ross Mathews on the panel. Ru explained that it would involve a series of six lipsyncs where the winner becomes safe from elimination and the loser continues to face off until only two queens remain and one of them sashays away. As the winner of last week’s challenge, DeJa was already safe and exited back to the Werk Room to watch on TV how it all goes down.

The determine who would face off first, Ru had the pit crew pull a ball from the golden hopper. The first name drawn was Jasmine’s and she earned the chance to select her first opponent. The chance couldn’t have been any juicier for Jasmine who immediately picked her “big sister” Daya. As the chosen queen, Daya got to choose the song from this list of options: “Respect” by Aretha Franklin, “Never Too Much” by Luther Vandross, “Don’t Let Go” by En Vogue, “Love Don’t Cost a Thing” by Jennifer Lopez, or “Radio” by Beyonce. Not wanting to give Jasmine a dance song, Daya strategically opted for “Respect,” but Jasmine was not threatened by what she called a “drag classic” song.

In the first round of the smackdown, Daya felt like she understood the “meaning of the song” while Jasmine fell back on choreography and split tricks. Daya also managed to remain in the front of the stage, in front of Jasmine most of the time. Ru’s winner of this head-to-head was Daya! The decision sent Daya back stage with safety and left Jasmine on stage to perform in another round.

When Daya joined DeJa, she was elated that she just “slayed a giant” on stage and was proud because she was so scared when she had to go against Jasmine. Meanwhile on stage, Willow’s ball was chosen next from the golden hopper. Willow’s chosen opponent was Bosco because she thought Bosco would choose the song that Willow would want. Bosco picked “Never Too Much” and that was “the only song” that Willow wanted from the options. In their second round, Willow did what she and Angie referred to as a “park and bark” with a note of seriousness while Bosco took a more sultry approach to the song. Willow’s comedic moments during the music breakdown were what stood out the most in the midtempo track and likely clinched her the win in Ru’s decision. Still vulnerable, Bosco moved to the back of the stage with Jasmine.

Willow was excitedly welcomed by DeJa and Daya back stage and they all agreed it felt like “a night of redemption” for them. They watched on as Ru declared that the remaining three, Jorgeous, Camden and Angie, would all perform in the third round. The golden hopper chose Jorgeous’ ball, meaning she got to select the song. Surprising the girls back stage, Jorgeous went with “Radio” instead of “Love Don’t Cost a Thing.” In the threeway, all three of the girls turned their engines on immediately and displayed their own dance moves. Jorgeous got down with the groove of the song, Camden had her own set of tricks with comedic parts, and Angie kept it glamorous with a lot of arm movement. When it was over Ru said they looked like a “hot little girl group up there,” but ultimately it was another Jorgeous win, which left Angie and Camden on stage to perform again.

Jorgeous returned to the Werk Room proudly and the other girls finally got to see Jorgeous perform from the front, instead of seeing her from behind, and were impressed and surprised by just how much she delivers. Between the other four still on stage, the golden hopper chose Camden as the first performer in the next showdown. Camden went with Bosco who chose “Don’t Let Go” to avoid giving Camden the chance of having a song to do splits to. In their face off, Bosco took to the center of the stage to command attention, but her sexy take on the song wasn’t as fitting as Camden’s intense and passionate performance. Camden still found a way to use her dance skills in the ballad and brought a physicality that made sense. This time, Camden won and so Bosco remained to perform a third time against the next round’s loser.

All the girls were happy to see Camden return to the Werk Room because they loved her performance. Angie and Jasmine were still on stage as the next face off to the last song, “Love Don’t Cost a Thing.” Having never performed the song before, Angie knew that attitude would be her key to the performance compared to Jasmine who went with another dance-heavy version. The girls back stage thought that Angie had an “old school drag presence” that was stealing their attention, but the judges seemed to be enjoying Jasmine’s perfectly timed moves. The safe queens were split on which of the queens they thought won that round–Daya actually thought Jasmine turned it out, but the others considered Angie the stronger one. This time, Daya was wrong because Ru chose Angie as the winner.

As excited as they all were to see Angie return safe, they knew that either Bosco or Jasmine would be going home now. Camden said that they should respect Jasmine’s “relentlessly positive attitude” and Jorgeous said that Bosco is going to “do what she has to do.” For the final round, Jasmine and Bosco had one last chance to save themselves in a performance to “Swept Away” by Diana Ross. Both queens went straight to the floor for the beginning of the song where Diana says she’s lying on the beach, putting them in the position to serve body and sex appeal in their performance. Jasmine decided to be more campy this time around in order to give the judges something unexpected and despite her energy, Bosco brought out “all [her] stripper moves” to give Ru something she’d love. Sure enough, Bosco impressed Ru and got the “shantay” to stay in the competition, meaning Jasmine was the one to “sashay away.” First, Jasmine go to reveal if she had the gold bar, but once again it was just chocolate.

NEXT WEEK: The final seven are greeted by Leslie Jordan who directs them in the Rusical “Moulin Ru!”

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