‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ season 14 episode 6 recap: Tensions rise when ‘safe’ isn’t good enough for some queens in ‘Glamazon Prime’

In episode 5 of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” season 14, RuPaul Charles brought back pork chopped queens Tempest DuJour, Jaymes Mansfield and Kahmora Hall to inspire a PSAs spoof challenge. Jorgeous fell into the bottom two, but lived up to Ru’s declaration that she’s “born to do drag” by handily beating Orion Story in the Lip Sync for Your Life. In addition, Kornbread “The Snack” Jeté surprised us all by announcing that she’d be leaving the competition on doctor’s orders after rolling her ankle.

This week, the 10 remaining queens dive into Michelle Visage’s discarded online shopping boxes for materials in an unconventional materials sewing challenge. Read below for our recap of episode 6 to see how they put the pieces together in “Glamazon Prime.”

The 12 remaining queens are: Angeria Paris VanMichealsBosco, Daya BettyDeJa Skye, Jasmine Kennedie, JorgeousKerri Colby, Lady Camden, Maddy Morphosis, and Willow Pill.

Despite slaying the LSFYL, Jorgeous returned to the Werk Room worried that she’d fall into the bottom again, but determined to stop doubting herself in the challenges. Bosco’s first challenge win and Camden’s first time in the top was overshadowed by Daya, renamed “Bitter Betty” in the moment by Jasmine, who was giving off the impression that she was becoming selfishly desperate to get in front of the judges with a top placement of her own.

For this week’s challenge, Ru and the Pit Crew arrived with dollies full of shipping boxes packed with unconventional materials said to be the leftover online orders made by a shopaholic Michelle. Using materials like umbrellas, plastic swimming pools, mosquito nets, school supplies, kites, doilies, rubber gloves and condoms, they queens would create their own unique garments to wear on the runway. Unpacking the boxes was a difficult task for Willow because of her physical ailments in her fingers, leaving her to scavenge through the room picking up the items none of the other girls were claiming.

As a proud thrifter, Daya was excited for a challenge she felt was right up her alley and made her determined that it was finally her chance to place better than “safe.” When she overheard Willow telling someone else she was going to do “baby doll,” Daya pulled her aside to say that she’s also doing a “baby doll thing” and warned her to consider doing something different. Jasmine was also confident in her chances for this challenge, listing off a ton of ideas for her dress to Bosco and Angie who thought that she was doing the most all in an aim to prove herself in a sewing challenge.

Later, Ru returned with Carson Kressley to check-in with each of the girls and their plans for the runway. Carson didn’t shy away from giving some harsh, but friendly criticism to the girls. He told Jorgeous to focus on looking elevated because her past looks can get sloppy, Kerri that her guard of always looking perfect comes off as too restrained, Maddy that her point of view needs “feel the fantasy,” and Angie to be wary of the non-stretch material she chose. Daya used her time in front of Carson and Ru to ask for advice overall on what she can do to be more than safe. They explained that she has yet to differentiate herself from the Crystal Methyd house she comes from and that they want to see a clearer vision of who Daya is outside of that.

Ru and Carson’s comments to Daya about Crystal stressed her out further and she released all of that anger to the other girls as she continued to work on her garment. She tried to explain that she’s edgier, compared to the clown-style of Crystal, but deep down the rest of the queens knew that Daya was just getting desperate for a win and in her head about having not had one yet. Meanwhile, Jorgeous was having to rework a look because her faux fur fabric was not working the way she had envisioned it. Coming from the bottom last week, she knew she couldn’t fall there again this week because she might just go home this time.

On the day of the runway, Camden was taking Ru’s advice to paint a bigger lip into consideration while Angie and Kerri wondered if this was the week that Willow slipped in the competition. Willow was clearly struggling, but so was DeJa whose look wasn’t as impressive as they’d assume for an accomplished seamstress. Throughout the morning the girls opened up to each other about some of their coming out stories: Kerri described how she was kicked out at the age of 15 for being too feminine and Maddy admitted to not being out as a drag queen to her grandmother.

Joining Ru on the main stage this week was Michelle, Carson and the very special guest judge Taraji P. Henson. In the runway category “Glamazon Primetime,” Camden walked first in a blue and pink pastel fairy look made from netting and streamers, Jasmine followed in a pink and purple netting dress with her breast piece showing through the top, Daya hopped out in a puppet-inspired pink and yellow little girl look, Maddy made a big hoop skirt color blocked from aprons, Willow had a short brown mini with nightmarish oversized arms all to resemble a child’s bedroom monster, Bosco used bright blue items to look like an animated supervillain, DeJa wrapped pink tablecloths and bed sheets into a Greek toga dress, Angie used two oversized hand fans as shoulder pieces with a fitted black mini dress, Jorgeous made another tiny dress in blue and yellow using a curtain and cookie cutters as accents, and Kerri managed to make a bodysuit out of plastic and mops with body glitter everywhere.

Much to her surprise, Daya was declared safe yet again, along with Willow, Bosco, and Kerri. During critiques, Camden was applauded for her use of proportion and Ru was happy to see that a bigger lip was an improvement to her makeup. Carson told Jasmine that she had a lot of great ideas, but there was too much going on and Michelle called the look messy. Once again the judges didn’t understand the story that Maddy was going for with her outfit and Ru thought bringing a blow up doll out with her seemed like she was trying to distract from the dress. Carson liked DeJa’s color story, but Michelle called some of the accessories cheap looking on an otherwise beautiful look. Taraji was wowed by Angie and said her look was very classy. Jorgeous was the third top placer which surprised Carson because what she came out in was “edited and elevated.” Michelle pointed out that it’s simple, but sometimes “simple is smart.”

Based on their evaluations, the judges decided that Angie and Camden were safely on the top, but it was Jorgeous who went from the bottom straight to the top as this week’s challenge winner. That decision struck a nerve with a clearly annoyed Daya standing in the back. On the bottom, Ru gave safety to DeJa, leaving Jasmine and Maddy as the two to lipsync. Though we didn’t see it in the main show, Jasmine and Maddy had a heated argument backstage prior to their lipsync and so they were both ready to set the stage on fire with this performance. Dancing to Beyonce’s “Suga Mama,” Jasmine leaned in to the sexiness of her garment while Maddy chose to play up the comedic elements of the song to work with her clownish makeup. Jasmine’s dance moves had her rolling all over the floor and shaking her titties, but Maddy’s desperate wife energy was serving just as much energy. The two very different takes on the song resulted in Ru giving Jasmine the “shantay” to say while Maddy was left to open her chocolate bar. Underneath the wrapper was just chocolate though, so Maddy had to “sashay away.”

NEXT WEEK: It’s time for another overacting challenge, this time directed by Ru herself in a soap opera spoof “The Daytona Wind.”

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