‘Survivor 42’ advantages explained: Who has which powers and what do they all do?

In the game of “Survivor,” knowledge and winning competitions aren’t the only ways to alter the course of the game. That’s where advantages come into play. For the casual viewer, these special items might be confusing. Especially this season, where it seems as though more advantages are at play than ever before. Welcome to “Survivor Advantages 101.” Get your notebooks out!

Following last week’s elimination of Chanelle Howell, only the Top 10 castaways remain in the running to win “Survivor 42”: Lindsay Dolashewich, Maryanne Oketch, Romeo Escobar, Tori Meehan, Rocksroy BaileyDrea Wheeler, Hai Giang, Mike TurnerOmar Zaheer and Jonathan Young. Whose torch will host Jeff Probst snuff out next? And will any of them leave the game with an unused advantage?

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Below is a list of all the advantages currently in play for “Survivor 42,” along with the contestants who hold each power.

Advantage Amulet  (Drea Wheeler, Hai Giang and Lindsay Dolashewich)

Each contestant who participated in the second leg of the very first reward challenge had the choice of whether or not to take an Advantage Amulet. For it to work, all players holding a piece of this Amulet, and remaining in the game, must work together. If it is used while all three holders of the Amulet are still in the game, they can choose to use it as one extra vote among all of them. If just two Amulet holders remain in the game, they can join forces to steal a vote from someone else. But, if just one player with the Amulet remains, it operates as an Immunity Idol. The Amulets remain in play until just six castaways are left. As you can see, it gains power if fewer holders of the Amulet remain in the game.

Immunity Idols   (Drea Wheeler, Maryanne Oketch and Mike Turner)

Immunity Idols are a classic aspect of the “Survivor” experience. Let’s say you are a contestant named Jon Snow and you have that sneaking suspicion or are painfully aware that the tribe wants you out. Before Jeff reads the votes, you simply present the idol to him when prompted and he will say “Any vote against Jon Snow will not count”.

Extra Vote  (Drea Wheeler and Maryanne Oketch)

The extra vote is another tool in the “Survivor” arsenal. It’s pretty self-explanatory and essentially gives the holder of this power an extra vote at tribal council. Let’s say Jon Snow is competing on “Survivor.” If Jon hears that his name is on the chopping block, and there could be a split vote, Jon can throw an extra vote towards the person he wants to go home, sealing their fate. However, if used at the wrong time, it could be completely worthless. It really only holds power in a scenario where one vote will make a difference.

Knowledge is Power  (Drea Wheeler)

Clunky name but big in power, it might just be my favorite. A “Beware Advantage” had to be found, so let’s pretend that Jon Snow is on the island and it was hidden at the camp. With said advantage, Jon can ask another contestant if he or she has an advantage or an immunity idol, while at tribal. If they are indeed in possession of either item, Jon may steal it from that individual. If they don’t possess what he asks for, Jon’s advantage becomes useless and cannot be played again during the season. If the individual questioned has multiple advantages, he or she can pick and choose which one to abdicate and is NOT required to reveal the others to Jon. Again, this is an advantage that can be played until six castaways remain.

Drea has the most advantages thus far in the competition, ALL of which have not been utilized. Maryanne has two while the trio of Lindsay, Hai, and Mike each have one. Do not get me wrong, we have seen castaways get voted out with advantages in their pockets due to hubris or whatever reason it may be. More often than not, it’s stupidity or inability to read the room. This could indeed happen this season as well. Do not be afraid to step out of your comfort zone when making your predictions this season. Anyone who is not mentioned in this article could be in major trouble in the episodes to come.

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