‘Survivor 42’ preview: Harvard grad Chanelle Howell plans to use negotiation mastery on the island [WATCH]

Survivor 42” contestant Chanelle Howell is ready to put her negotiation skills to good use. The 29-year-old executive recruiter from New York City believes she has the kind of background that suits “Survivor.” “I can talk my way into every kind of situation,” she says in her CBS interview (watch below). “So, I said hey, let me get my certificate in Negotiation Mastery from Harvard Business School. And that’s exactly what I did.” Get to know all 18 castaways.

Chanelle has already thought about hypothetical situations she may be put in on “Survivor.” As she explains, one of the bigger mistakes that people make is negotiating with themselves. “I was sold at, ‘hi, my name is,’ but sure, tell me more about you wanting to take me to the end,” she quips. “Tell me more about the folks that you don’t like over there.” We’ve seen similar negotiation-style players on the show in recent years, such as Angelina Keeley from “Survivor: David vs. Goliath,” who helped make deals not only for herself but for the benefit of her tribe as she negotiated for food rations.

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Being on “Survivor” checks off a big to-do item on Chanelle’s list, which she made a few years ago with the goal of money and/or happiness. “At the top of that list is playing ‘Survivor,'” she claims. She adds that being able to play “Survivor” is a way of proving she do whatever she wants in life, even when society might consider her dreams unrealistic. “I say I’m the exception and I’m not leaving any cash on the table.”

Chanelle also states in her CBS bio that she has seen every season of “Survivor” and hopes to emulate the gameplay of Kim Spradlin, the winner of “Survivor: One World.” According to Chanelle, Kim played “the perfect game,” and she intends to emulate her strategy on the island. While Chanelle talks a big game, it will be interesting to see if her self-assurance will make her a valued member of her tribe or if she falls victim to over-confidence.

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