‘Survivor 42’ deleted scene: Jonathan catches Jackson making the ‘biggest no-no’ in the game [WATCH]

In the first episode of “Survivor 42,” much of Jackson Fox‘s story focused on his gender transition and his medical removal due to taking lithium. But there was another moment featuring the 48-year-old hospital transporter that wasn’t shown on television.

Soon after arriving in Fiji, Jackson started scouring his camp for a hidden immunity idol. I mean, why wouldn’t he? Jeff Probst had just informed the 18 all-new castaways that this season’s shortened 26-day timespan would demand the contestants play at a much faster pace. The only problem is that soon after Jackson began his search for the idol, Jonathan Young caught him in the act. Watch the “Survivor 42” deleted scene above.

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“This would be the place you put a hidden immunity idol,” Jackson told the camera while scouring a “tomb-looking” area of the jungle. Since there was nobody around, he started moving rocks and looking in trees for the ultimate advantage. “I saw Jonathan coming down and trail and I was like, ‘Oh crap,'” he sighed.

Jackson played it cool and told Jonathan “this is the area” an idol would be hiding in. “I didn’t want to come off as the person that literally hits the beach and they’re like, ‘I’m gonna go look for firewood,’ and then is climbing a tree and looking in holes,” he said in a confessional. “You never want to be that person because that puts a huge target on your back. But at the same time, if you’re on ‘Survivor,’ why wouldn’t you look for a hidden immunity idol?” My point exactly!

Jonathan revealed in a confessional, “Jackson just told me he was looking for an idol on the first day. That’s the biggest no-no in ‘Survivor.’ And any attention I can get off of me, the better.” The 29-year-old Alabama resident then spilled the beans about Jackson’s search to two of his Taku tribe members, Maryanne Oketch and Omar Zaheer. The trio then made a threeway “pact” to stick together.

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For her part, Maryanne proclaimed, “In this phase, anyone is just trying to find a reason for it to not be them. So if you do something that’s just a little bit wrong, and someone can say, ‘Hey, let’s make it that person,’ that’ll put you on blast just like that.”

“When Jonathan caught Jackson looking for an idol, it’s just messy,” Omar declared in a confessional. “So I have to watch him like a hawk.”

For those who missed the riveting premiere, Jackson was pulled from Season 42 after failing to disclose he’d been taking lithium until the day before shooting began. As Jackson revealed on the island with Jeff, he didn’t mention his lithium usage because he was “trying to just quit it completely because I didn’t need it anymore.” He had been taking the drug for sleep and anxiety as the result of his mother’s sickness, and not because of his recent transition from female to male.

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