‘Survivor 42’ deleted scene: Lindsay compares Jonathan to Thor, and now we can’t unsee it [WATCH]

CBS has released another deleted scene from the “Survivor” Season 42 premiere episode, and we have a feeling this one will stick with us for a while. In the 60-second video clip (watch below), the Taku tribe members laughed about how they assumed this season would have a “David vs. Goliath” theme based on each other’s physical appearances. The conversation then turned to muscle man Jonathan Young, with Jackson Fox likening him to a “hippie” and Lindsay Dolashewich calling out his resemblance to the God of Thunder, aka Thor (played by Chris Hemsworth in the Marvel/Disney movies).

Yep, now we can’t unsee it. Jonathan and Thor both have flowing brown locks, facial hair and a godly amount of muscles. While Thor wields his trusty hammer and dons a red cape, Jonathan relies on his bamboo axe and wears an orange buff. Watch the “Survivor 42” deleted scene right here:

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“Jonathan’s so great,” Lindsay swooned in a confessional. “Like honestly, besides the fact of just seeing pure muscle, I just really like him. I feel like I vibe with him well. Jonathan’s so strong. He’s an ox. Whatever you imagine Thor being strong of, I would equate to how strong he is. He just does everything — and he’s so tall!”

Lindsay, a 31-year-old registered dietician from New Jersey, continued on, “He’s a huge asset. Jonathan definitely is a key piece for us. I think we all cohesively are really great but in terms of having that advantage edge, he’s our advantage edge. I think he’s the heart of our tribe right now.”

Of course, the problem on “Survivor” is that physical threats like Jonathan, a 29-year-old beach service company owner from Alabama, often don’t make it far in the game because they’re huge targets. Typically their tribe keeps them around in order to win challenges, but once the merge arrives around the halfway point, they are often the first to have their torches snuffed.

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Lindsay’s Jonathan/Thor comparison is actually the second deleted scene so far from this 42nd season. The first deleted scene focused on Jackson searching for a hidden immunity idol. Jonathan caught him in the act and then later spilled the beans to fellow tribe members Maryanne Oketch and Omar Zaheer.

Timeline-wise, both deleted scenes took place on Day 1 on the island. Then on Day 3, bad luck struck the Taku camp in the form of Jeff Probst removing Jackson from the game due to medical reasons. “It was the best 48 hours I’ve had ever … It was a gift,” Jackson declared in his parting words.

Jackson’s ouster meant the Taku tribe was down to five members, a number that was later matched by the Ika tribe when Zach Wurtenberger was unanimously voted out. The third tribe, Vati, is still strong at six members.

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