‘Survivor 42’ preview: Jenny Kim looking to create a ‘wow’ moment for Jeff Probst [WATCH]

Jenny Kim is ready to make a moment as one of the contestants on “Survivor 42.” The 43-year-old creative director from Brooklyn is especially hoping to have host Jeff Probst take notice of one of her moves, as she explains in her CBS interview. “I love when you surprise Jeff and he goes, ‘Wow!'” she laughs. “I wanna get a wow reaction out of him” (watch below).

Born and raised by parents who immigrated from South Korea, Jenny refers to her mother as “the original tiger mom.” Jenny was encouraged by her “tough” mother to be at the top of her class growing up. “Bring home a 99 on a test, ‘What happened to the other two points?’ I’m like, ‘Mom, it’s still an A+.’ Doesn’t matter, it needs to be perfect,” she recalls. This mindset may help her in the game of “Survivor,” especially when competing in Immunity Challenges, but she hopes to keep herself in check in other areas of the game.

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“I think the most challenging part for me in this game will be that I’m not gonna be the best at everything,” notes Jenny. “But that’s why I’m here, is to be comfortably uncomfortable.” She intends to lay low at the beginning of the game, a smart strategy considering how often we see outsized personalities go out early. During this time, she will be calculating “when the right time is to strike.”

Looking back on past “Survivor” contestants, Jenny hopes to play like Kelley Wentworth, according to her CBS bio. As Jenny describes, Kelley’s tenacity is something she hopes to emulate in her own game, with a hint of Lauren Beck, who she praises for her ability to study her tribemates and make assessments from there. “I love to study human behavior,” she admits.

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