‘Survivor 42’ preview: Jonathan Young hopes to break the individual immunity record [WATCH]

Beach rental business owner Jonathan Young has big dreams for his “Survivor” experience. As one of the 18 new castaways playing on “Survivor 42,” the 29-year-old Alabama resident intends to “win more immunity challenges than anyone ever has,” outdoing the likes of Colby Donaldson, Tom Westman, Terry Deitz, Ozzy Lusth, Mike Holloway and Brad Culpepper, who each won five in a single season.

It is unlikely that Jonathan will indeed amass six Immunity wins, but he is confident in his physical abilities, hoping this will make him a valued tribemate. “I’ve basically trained for this moment,” he says, noting that he spearfishes “almost daily” (watch below). As one of the most visibly buff contestants of the bunch, he knows that his tribemates may judge him in a certain light. “The first impression everybody’s getting is going, ‘Look at this big guy. I wonder what he can do,'” predicts Jonathan. But, as he adds, he’s not going to approach the game “as a big guy.”

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He explains that being in the beach service industry has taught him certain skills that he thinks will translate to the game of “Survivor.” “With my tribe, what I wanna do is serve,” he offers. “I’m gonna be leader-servant.” The Alabama native hopes to bring some Southern hospitality into the game mixed with tribe strength and a servant attitude, hoping it will all blend together into a winning formula.

Physical threats like Jonathan don’t often win the game of “Survivor,” though there are exceptions like the aforementioned Tom Westman and Mike Holloway. His muscles will likely be an asset in the tribal portion of the game pre-merge, but those muscles may prove to be detrimental to his long-term game after the merge. However, he may have a leg up over some of the other contestants due to his experience on a “Survivor”-esque gameshow in the past. When he was 14, Jonathan played in the reality competition “Endurance,” which happened to take place in the same location as “Survivor” currently films: the Mamanuca Islands in Fiji. It will be interesting to see if that past experience gives him a slight advantage over his fellow castmates who are newer to the reality competition world.

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