58% of ‘Survivor 42’ fans agree Omar Zaheer deserved the boot in Episode 12 [POLL RESULTS]

Maryanne Oketch pulled off arguably the most exciting move of the season last week on “Survivor 42” when she orchestrated the ouster of Omar Zaheer. She successfully utilized her extra vote to take him out with the help of only one other person, Romeo Escobar, resulting in a 3-2-2 vote. Romeo and Jonathan Young received those four other votes, and while both made for safer options to boot, Maryanne ultimately risked it all and took out the biggest player left in the game.

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In our recent poll results, which asked fans to pick who they think deserved to be voted out last week, Omar received a sizable 58% of all votes. With the 30-year-old veterinarian secretly calling the shots for multiple post-merge votes, it only came to light after the previous Tribal Council that he was emerging as the biggest threat to win. He also seemed like the strongest winner candidate to viewers, considering he was not only so controlling of the game but received glowingly positive content in the edit.

Romeo received the second-most votes in the fan poll, at 18%. After struggling to integrate with the remaining players, the pageant coach was finally on the right side of the numbers this week thanks to Maryanne. Jonathan received the next highest number of votes, at 14%. While the very muscular beach service salesman has been considered a physical threat, he hasn’t necessarily been dominant in challenges and also isn’t much of a target for his strategic game. Maryanne came in at 6% of the vote while Mike Turner brought up the rear at 4%, with Lindsay Dolashewich immune.

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In his exit press, Omar discusses how he “flew too close to the sun” by trying to control so many of the votes, pointing out one bit of delicious irony to Entertainment Weekly: “I worked so hard to protect Maryanne — her idol and her extra vote. And then what took me out of the game was her extra vote.”

He also dropped a bombshell by revealing that he had procured an idol nullifer, which he had hoped to use to diffuse Mike’s idol at the Final 5 but did not have that opportunity. Having played as hard as he did and received such great personal content, particularly related to his Muslim faith, Omar tells Parade, “It’s been amazing, honestly,” of his portrayal on “Survivor.”

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