‘Survivor 42’: Did Omar Zaheer deserve to be voted out of Episode 12? [POLL]

Once again, the latest castaway voted out of “Survivor 42” was a power player who had a strong chance of winning the game. Omar Zaheer had orchestrated a number of big moves post-merge, cementing himself as the player to beat in the eyes of many viewers, but Episode 12 saw him on the other end of a big move when Maryanne Oketch orchestrated his demise. There were various targets heading into Tribal Council, but do you think Omar was the right person to take out at the final six? Vote in our poll below, which does not include Lindsay Dolashewich since she won immunity.

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The seeds for Omar’s ouster were planted at the previous Tribal Council, after the 30-year-old veterinarian blindsided Drea Wheeler, who subsequently blabbed to her former tribemates that he was responsible. This got multiple players thinking about Omar as a threat to win the game, including Mike Turner and Maryanne. Jonathan Young soon got in on the plan to blindside Omar, so it looked like the latter’s chances of staying were slimmer and slimmer.

Not everyone had their eye on Omar, though, with Lindsay continuing her campaign to get out challenge threat Jonathan. Of course, Lindsay was Omar’s closest ally so she was not let in on any plans to take him out. After she won the Immunity Challenge, Lindsay was in the position to also keep Omar safe by playing her amulet-turned-idol on him. However, she thought that if she did that, the idol would be “back in circulation” heading into the next vote, so she elected not to.

Fearing that Lindsay would indeed use the idol on Omar, the other players weighed the possibility of just taking out Romeo Escobar as a safe, easy vote. While Jonathan and Mike ultimately did vote for Romeo, Maryanne smartly decided to use him to help her blindside Omar.

Armed with an extra vote and the allegiance of Romeo, Maryanne successfully took out Omar via a plurality vote of 3-2-2. With Omar now out of the game, everything may be thrown into chaos as we enter next week’s Season 42 finale.

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