‘Survivor 42’ preview: Lindsay ‘on the fence’ about Maryanne after she reveals her extra vote [WATCH]

In the game of “Survivor,” some players keep their advantages secret while others spill the beans. Maryanne Oketch is a bean-spiller. Just minutes after returning to camp after voting out Marya Sherron, Maryanne told her remaining tribe mates — Lindsay Dolashewich, Jonathan Young and Omar Zaheer — that she’d secured an extra vote thanks to spinning her “risk/reward” wheel during the previous summit. While the Taku tribe seemed pleased for Maryanne, Lindsay revealed privately that she was now “on the fence” about the enthusiastic player. Watch the “Survivor 42” preview video above.

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“Although we have four, it’s like we’ve got five!” Maryanne shouted after returning to the Taku camp. The way she worded the announcement, it seemed as though she was offering up the advantage for the entire group to use, should a swap or merge come about.

But Lindsay felt hesitant. She confessed to the camera, “I’m on the fence about how I feel about Maryanne and the extra vote. But if we stay as a tight four, hopefully that’s for all of our advantage.”

Omar declared, “As hard as last night was, I think we’re in a good spot.” The others nodded their approval, with Maryanne saying the closeness of their foursome is a strength going forward. Maryanne then brought up a group “idol hunt” excursion for later that day, which the others agreed to. Hmm, are there really no secrets with this “Survivor 42” tribe?

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In a separate sneak peek video (watch below), the Vati tribe dealt with Daniel Strunk‘s uniqueness. After losing his swimming shoes, his co-players whispered about how he loses his stuff all the time: water bottles, shoes, shoulder, etc. “Shoulder aside, right now I feel good,” Daniel noted. Being a lawyer, he then asked to look at the “fine print” on Mike Turner‘s beware advantage, but Mike wasn’t feeling any urgency to dig up and show it to Daniel just yet. Lol, this should be fun to watch play out. Is it Wednesday yet?

So far three castaways have gone home during this 42nd season of CBS’s reality TV show: Jackson Fox for medical reasons, plus Zach Wurtenberger and Marya at tribal councils. Who will be voted out next?

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