‘Survivor 42’ preview: Rocksroy Bailey on how being a father prepares him for the game [WATCH]

Rocksroy Bailey believes that his experiences in fatherhood will give him a boost as a contestant on “Survivor 42.” The 44-year-old stay-at-home dad, who grew up in Brooklyn, discusses in his CBS interview how being a father is the toughest job there is. “One of the things you learn right away is that you don’t really matter anymore and that you must have patience,” says Rocksroy. “And patience is a virtue in this game” (watch below).

The Brooklyn native will be trying to fill the role of provider in camp, hoping it will make his tribemates want to keep him around. “Comfort, in terms of having fire, getting food, stuff like that, that sticks in people’s minds,” he explains. “Like, ‘Wait, hold on. I don’t know if I really want to vote Rocks off. If he’s catching two fish a day, I’m eating!'” This strategy has long helped players in the game, though as the series has gone on, social strategy has largely outweighed survival elements.

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Either way, Rocksroy is all about getting his chance at winning the title of Sole Survivor and the $1 million check that comes with it. “This is a one in 18 shot of winning a million dollars,” he notes. “As a Black Jamaican American, no one has given me those odds for such a life-changing event in my lifetime.” He quips that after winning that check, he laughs that he will “promptly go and walk over and give it to my wife.”

As for how he will play in the game, Rocksroy reveals in his CBS bio that he may emulate John Cochran. As Rocksroy reasons, Cochran “understood his weakness” before returning to play in “Survivor: Caramoan,” which became a strength that allowed him to win the game. While he might not look that much like Cochran, with a name like a Rocksroy, he might just have a similar factor of memorability that Cochran continues to have.

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