‘Survivor 42’: Did Zach Wurtenberger deserve to be voted out in season premiere? [POLL]

The “Survivor 42” premiere is now in the books, and from the uniqueness of the first challenge (complete with fake blood and a cross-tribal alliance formed), Jackson Fox‘s unexpected early ejection from the game and the first proper vote-out of the season, fans already have plenty to talk about. Zach Wurtenberger became the first player of the season to be voted out of the game, following a lackluster challenge performance and some messy gameplay at camp. But do you think he should have been the one to go? Vote in our poll below.

Zach made a big first impression in the opening minutes of the game, with his enthusiasm for being on “Survivor” proving infectious to his fellow castaways. The superfan formed an early bond with the younger members of his Ika tribe, Swati Goel and Tori Meehan, while also developing a side alliance with Romeo Escobar. After Tori was caught being away from camp too long, with Drea Wheeler suspecting she was searching for an idol, Zach snitched on Drea to Tori, giving her a heads-up about Drea’s suspicions.

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After Zach’s inability to complete the puzzle cost them the Immunity Challenge, he acknowledged his failure back at camp. Despite their early bond, Swati campaigned to take out Zach. Tori’s name was also thrown around because of the idol hunting incident, as was Rocksroy Bailey‘s for not contributing in the challenge, but neither plan took hold. At Tribal Council, Zach knew his game was on the line and played his Shot in the Dark, which could have prevented him from going home. The fates were not aligned, as he was deemed “not safe” and his Ika tribemates voted him out unanimously.

While the Ika tribe was unified in taking out Zach, they do not seem like a cohesive group moving forward. Players who formed early friendships then had no problem betraying each other, making the state of the tribe unclear heading into Episode 2. If they cannot get their act together, they may be heading right back to Tribal Council as soon as next week.

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