‘Survivor 43’ deleted scene: ‘Cranky’ Owen on how tribe mates are ‘snaking [him] at every turn’ [WATCH]

In this week’s “Survivor 43” deleted scene (watch above), Owen Knight and Karla Cruz Godoy are chatting together on the beach during the 11th episode shortly after Noelle Lambert‘s blindside. “It’s hard to take anything personally at this point,” admits the 30-year-old college admissions director from New Orleans. “Earlier I was feeling pretty down in the dumps [before the Jeanine Zheng vote]. It’s exciting now. This is where it gets fun.”

Owen was feeling “pretty sorry” for himself yet again when Noelle was ousted from the game, but he heeded Karla’s advice and slept on it, and now he’s back to his old self. At the impending immunity challenge in which the players each had to hold their breaths under a steel grate in the ocean, he gave it his all and ended up outlasting the tide. Both Owen and Karla claimed immunity necklaces, a historic first for the classic challenge.

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Later in a private confessional, Owen declares that his friends back home call him a “lovable curmudgeon” because of his attitude. “I can get cranky,” he tells the camera. “I think with work I have to deal with a lot and I need to be on a lot. To be on all the time, it exhausts my social battery and I get cranky.” For those fans with long memories, “Lovable Curmudgeon” was the title of the second episode of “Survivor 43,” which aired September 28, 2022 on CBS.

“It’s been a challenge for me to try to stay upbeat, to try to stay positive, and these people have made it a lot easier, honestly,” he adds. “They’ve been a lot of fun. And even though they’re snaking me at every turn and making all these plans and leaving me out of votes, at the end of the day I love ’em and I know these are people that are going to be in my life for a while. And that’s why my friends say I’m a lovable curmudgeon. I move on kind of quick.”

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The deleted scene ends with the Top 7 players sitting by the fire talking about their future friendships outside of the game. “I’m just excited for all of us to stay in touch and see each other,” Owen puts forth.

“Me too,” Mike Gabler quickly chimes in. “It’s gonna be fun.”

Cody Assenmacher confesses, “It’s so special. Makes my heart happy.”

And Sami Layadi asks aloud, “Cause who the hell can understand what the hell we’re doing right now? Except for us.”

At the end of the episode, Sami was eliminated by a unanimous vote (he played his Shot in the Dark so he couldn’t vote). That left just six players in the running to win the $1 million prize and become the Sole Survivor of Season 43.

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