‘Survivor 43’ poll: Which retired aspects of the game should Jeff Probst bring back?

With “Survivor 43” returning to our screens on September 21, we’re thinking a lot about how much the game has evolved over the last 20+ years. In the more than two decades that the reality TV staple has been on our screens we’ve seen countless twists, advantages, challenges and formats come and go. We recently asked you to vote on which new aspects introduced in seasons 41 and 42 you’d most like to see return, but what about the long-retired ones?

Below is a list of eight of our favorite retired aspects of the game. Read our brief trip down memory lane for each and then vote in the “Survivor 43” poll below to determine which one YOU most want to see host/producer Jeff Probst bring back to life.

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Auction: In the special reward challenge, players are given an equal amount of purchasing power that they can bid on for specialty items like food, letters from home and advantages in the game. Sometimes the players don’t know what they’re bidding on and hilariously overbid on foolish prizes like bowls of rice or other undesirable foods. The auction first appeared in “Australian Outback” and last appeared in “Worlds Apart.”

Family Visit Challenge: In every season except 41 and 42, the family visit has occurred, whether in person of via video chat. In a handful of those 40 seasons, the family members also participated in a challenge that determined the course of the game. The first time Jeff had family members compete was in “Australian Outback” and the last time was “Edge of Extinction.”

Fire Tokens: Introduced in “Winners at War” and never appearing again, the fire tokens was the incorporation of currency into the game. The tokens offered players the opportunity to purchase advantages from a menu. When voted out, the player got to bequeath their tokens to a player still in the game.

Juror Removal: The reward challenge to remove a juror only appeared once, at the final three stage of “Kaoh Rong.” In the twist, ultimate champion Michele Fitzgerald won the opportunity to remove any juror of her choice from, taking away their chance to vote for a winner.

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Legacy Advantage: This advantage was found by a player early in the game so that it could, in theory, get passed along to multiple players throughout game play. If the holder is voted out, they get to will the advantage to another player still in the game. It first appeared in “Millennials vs. Gen X” and also appeared in “Game Changers” and “Ghost Island.”

Mutiny: In this twist, members of tribes are given the opportunity to leave their tribe and join a different one. Only once have players chosen to mutiny, during “Cook Islands” when two players left their tribe at the same time. The twist also took place in “Thailand,” “Pearl Islands” and “Tocantins,” but did not always air because of its lack of impact on the storyline.

One World: Appearing in smaller formats prior to season 24, the concept of having all the players live on one beach has only ever happened once. In theory, having both tribes start the game among each other creates space for players to build cross-tribe alliances ahead of the merge, as well as chances to share items won during reward challenges.

Redemption Island: In the redemption island format, voted out players would stick around to compete for two opportunities to return to the game. Each episode would feature a showdown between two or more players, resulting in a final elimination for some and the benefit of remaining in contention to re-enter. Redemption Island was introduced in season 22 and later appeared in seasons 23 and 27.

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