‘Survivor 43’ sneak peek video: Uh-oh — Elie has ‘turned the tables’ on Gabler [WATCH]

During the first two episodes of “Survivor 43,” Elisabeth “Elie” Scott and Mike “Gabler” Gabler developed a strong bond and seemed to be working together. However, in the upcoming third episode, the alliance appears to be over. “I’ve turned the tables on my feelings of Gabler,” Elie explains to the camera. “And I would like for him to go next.” Ouch! Watch the “Survivor 43” sneak peek video above.

What causes the rift between Elie and Gabler? It appears to be his behavior around the Baka camp. “I think it’s just the littlest things right now that are ticking him off,” Jeanine Zheng whispers to Elie during the preview clip, which takes place on the morning of Day 6. “He’s unhinged ’cause he doesn’t have enough food, water.”

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Elie responds, “Exactly, which is the reason to not go long term.” In a private confessional, she notes, “I’ve seen Gabler start to deteriorate physically over the last couple of days. He seems like he’s really struggling and there’s a lot of babying going on for him right now.” At age 52, Gabler is the oldest contestant to appear on the 43rd season of CBS’s reality TV show.

The trouble for Elie, Jeanine and Sami Layadi is that they are still “unsure” whether Gabler is aware of the specific rules regarding his hidden immunity idol. Remember, the girls confirmed last week (when they looked through his bag) that Gabler’s idol expires after the second time he travels to tribal council. But Gabler may be under the false impression that it already expired after the second overall tribal council, which occurred in Episode 2.

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Gabler earned his idol in the season premiere when he gambled his vote at the risk/reward summit and it paid off. Alternately, Dwight Moore lost his vote at the same summit when his risk failed to materialize into an advantage.

The Elie-Gabler friendship was cemented in the first episode when he announced to the tribe that he would not use his idol but would instead use his shot in the dark instead. Elie persuaded him not to use that advantage because they needed his vote to help get rid of Morriah Young.

Find out what happens when the third episode airs Wednesday, October 5 on CBS.

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