‘Survivor 43’ sneak peek video: Owen wants to ‘drive a wedge’ between Cassidy and Karla [WATCH]

In CBS’s latest “Survivor 43” sneak peek video (watch above), the Final 6 return to camp after voting out Sami Layadi, who tried to save himself from certain elimination by using his Shot in the Dark. As they all reflect on their standing in the game, the clip shifts its focus to Owen Knight, who admits he wants to “drive a wedge” between the remaining two females in the game, Cassidy Clark and Karla Cruz Godoy. The 12th episode, titled “Telenovela,” airs Wednesday, December 7 on CBS.

“There’s only six of us left,” Owen states on the morning of Day 22 as the sun rises in the distance.

Mike Gabler remarks, “A dozen gone,” before adding, “Sami went out in a ball of fire.”

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As Owen narrates to the camera, “Tribal council was exciting. Sami decided to play his Shot in the Dark and he ended up going home. I am a tad disappointed though, because the plan going in was for Karla to vote for Cassidy and end up with some egg on her face. But Karla realized that voting for Cassidy could leave her exposed, so she decided to flip her vote to Sami when he blew things up with his Shot in the Dark.”

Viewers then witness a previously unseen flashback of the moment Karla stepped up to the podium and wrote down Sami’s name at tribal council. “All you had to do was vote the right way and your ass would still be here,” she declared at the time.

Owen ends the clip by announcing, “So my goal moving forward is to drive a wedge between Cassidy and Karla, just to reinforce that idea that Karla is dangerous, she’s astute, and she needs to go.”

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Has Owen finally created a plan that will play out as intended, or will the curse of the “Peanuts” kids strike him again? Keep in mind that, of the Top 6 players left in the game, a whopping three of them — Karla, Cody Assenmacher and Jesse Lopez — have hidden immunity idols in their pockets.

Here is the “Survivor 43” schedule for the remainder of the season:

Episode 12 (“Telenovela”) — December 7, 2022

Episode 13 (Season Finale) — December 14, 2022

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