‘Survivor 43’ sneak peek video: Owen spirals after being ‘outfoxed for like the nine billionth time’ [WATCH]

This week’s “Survivor 43” sneak peek video begins with Owen Knight returning to camp after Noelle Lambert‘s blindside, and he’s not a happy camper. After throwing his bag down onto the sand, he states in a private confessional, “This is not fun. This is terrible.” Owen then cackles wildly as he appears to spiral downward, sighing, “It’s like getting comical at this point.” Watch the video above.

Noelle is just the latest person he’d been close to on the island that ended up going home, and he was once again kept out of the loop by the other tribe members. “I keep finding myself as the closest person to the person who’s getting blindsided,” Owen notes, “and it’s depressing realizing that I’ve just been outfoxed for like the nine billionth time.”

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He adds, “It’s like Charlie Brown trying to get the football and Lucy’s taking it away and he falls on his back like always. Except in this scenario, it’s not just Lucy — it’s Linus and freakin’ Pigpen and Peppermint Patty and the stupid kid playing the piano. Every single one of the ‘Peanuts’ kids is out to get me and it’s just like — ahh, this sucks.”

Owen has been on the wrong side of the votes for the past several tribal councils. Specifically, he voted for Karla Cruz Godoy over Noelle, Ryan over Dwight and James over Elie. The only time recently Owen voted with the majority was when Mike Gabler told him at the last minute that Jeanine was going home, so he switched from Ryan to Jeanine.

With just seven people left in the game, is there anyone still on Owen’s side? It’s possible that his old Baka alliance with Gabler and Sami Layadi will come into play, and Gabler could easily pull in Karla since he already planted the seeds with her last week that the two biggest threats are Cody Assenmacher and Jesse Lopez. And Cassidy Clark also seems to be on the outs, so Owen could easily bring her in as a number for his side.

Find out how all of this plays out when the 11th episode of “Survivor 43” airs Wednesday, November 30 on CBS.

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