‘Survivor 43’ sneak peek video: Owen ‘wanted to poop [his] pants’ at tribal council [WATCH]

Last week on the season premiere of “Survivor 43,” the Baka tribe went to tribal council where Morriah Young was eliminated with a leading five votes. The only other person to see their name written down on parchment was Owen Knight, as he’s who Morriah voted for. When the tribe returns to camp at the start of Episode 2, Owen doesn’t mince words about how he felt at tribal council. “Tonight was wild — Morriah went home, but when I saw my name come up, I wanted to poop my pants,” he confesses in the “Survivor 43” sneak peek video (watch above). Unfortunately for Owen, CBS does not provide toilet paper on the island.

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“Looking down the barrel of potentially going home, it was absolutely terrifying,” Owen says in a nighttime confessional. He then thanks Mike “Gabler” GablerSami LayadiElisabeth “Elie” Scott and Jeanine Zheng for not only keeping him, but also for “being who I thought you were.” He’s happy that his trust in his fellow tribe members was not “unfounded.”

Ellie jumps in, “I hope this vote solidifies trust, you know? Like we all did what we said we would do.” That may be true for now, Ellie, but with numbers dwindling, people will have to start turning on each other soon.

When Owen calls tribal council a “trust exercise,” Gabler chuckles and says, “Heck, I trusted you guys not to even play my idol.” Remember, Gabler earned a hidden immunity idol (which expires at his second tribal) at the risk/reward summit when he chose to risk his vote. At the same time, Dwight Moore lost his vote the first time he visits tribal council.

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Gabler later tells the camera that the Baka tribe was so “focused on the relationships” that they didn’t really discuss game with each other. “There’s a lot of stuff we still have to do,” he adds, “but if we can take care of our bodies a little bit better, I think we’ll be that much better in challenges.” He wants to search for worms in the morning and fry them up to create “our ‘Survivor’ bacon” — yummy.

That night, a torrential downpour hits the beach as the Baka tribe members try to stay dry in their shelter. “This is not fun,” Owen sighs. “This is terrible.” Find out how the storm affects all of the “Survivor 43” castaways when Episode 2, “Lovable Curmudgeon,” airs September 28 on CBS.

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