Taylor Hale (‘Big Brother’) vows to fight for Veto after 2nd consecutive nomination: ‘Queen’s coming to get what’s hers’

Last week, the “Big Brother 24” house unanimously wanted to send home Taylor Hale after an unfortunate game of telephone made it seem like she was pitting the guys against the girls (she wasn’t). Thanks to the unexpected self-removal of Paloma Aguilar for “personal reasons,” no one ended up being voted out last week. That brings us to the second week, when new Head of Household Jasmine Davis once again nominated the beauty queen for eviction, alongside Joe “Pooch” Pucciarelli. But Taylor doesn’t plan on going home without a fight.

“Here I am Week 2 as a pawn,” Taylor said in the diary room at the end of the fifth episode. “I know this house must be confused because last time I checked, I’m a queen. Bring me that Veto medallion, put the crown on my head, I want that weight around my neck. Queen’s coming to get what’s hers.”

Pooch’s plan this week was to be nominated as a pawn next to a weak player (he named Brittany Hoopes) so that he could win the Veto and open the backdoor for Jasmine to put up Taylor. But the HOH ruined those plans when she put Pooch and Taylor on the block together. “The truth is, Taylor was my original target,” Jasmine explained to the camera. “But Pooch is this huge threat that made an offer to put himself up. I ain’t aligned with Pooch or Taylor, so I just need the Veto to go my way and as long as my noms stay the same, I’m sittin’ back and relaxin’.”

Speaking directly to the audience, Pooch declared, “I didn’t want Taylor to have a chance to win the Veto, but I still feel confident. It’ll give me the extra drive now to make sure I go get it done. I’m not an idiot. I know the pawn that feels the best usually shouldn’t feel that good. But I feel pretty damn good about goin’ and gettin’ this Veto.”

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One of Jasmine’s “Girls Girls” alliance members, Ameerah Jones, knows her history of what often happens to pawns in the “Big Brother” house. “Pooch is on the block and I don’t know whether to laugh or to feel bad for this kid,” she noted. “If he really thinks he’s gonna make it through this week scot-free, he’s got another thing coming.”

Will the Veto be used to save either Taylor or Pooch? Find out when the sixth episode of Season 24 airs Wednesday night on CBS. The next live episode will air on Thursday night, when Julie Chen Moonves will oversee the second elimination of the summer.

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