‘The Amazing Race 33’ episode 8 recap: Which team hits the pit stop pad too early in ‘Souvlaki’? [UPDATING LIVE BLOG]

The Amazing Race 33” continues with five duos in the running for a $1 million prize. Teams travel to Halkidiki, Greece, where they are tested on their spelling and memory skills. Which racer gets wrapped up at the Roadblock? And which pair makes an unscheduled visit to see host Phil Keoghan at the pit stop in “Souvlaki”? The eighth episode airs Wednesday at 9/8c on CBS.

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The cast still competing for the $1 million prize in order of how they finished last week: Kim & Penn Holderness (married internet personalities), Raquel Moore & Cayla Platt (flight attendants), Ryan Ferguson & Dusty Harris (best friends), Lulu & Lala Gonzalez (twins and radio hosts) and Arun & Natalia Kumar (father/daughter).

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9:00 p.m. — The alliance between Kim & Penn and Raquel & Cayla strengthened as the teams worked together throughout Leg 7 and finished in first and second place for the second week in a row. Meanwhile, Lulu & Lala and Arun & Natalia didn’t have quite the same luck, struggling at the Detour and finishing in fourth and fifth place, respectively. Lucky for the father/daughter duo, it was a non-elimination leg. Who will race to the front of the pack in tonight’s episode, “Souvlaki”?

9:15 p.m. — The teams will drive themselves across Italy to Greece. Kim & Penn and Raquel & Cayla will head out first since they were the top two teams from the last leg. Group 2 includes Ryan & Dusty and Lulu & Lala. Once again, Arun & Natalia bring up the rear. The first two teams reach their first clue which is hidden amongst some olive trees. It tells them which city to drive to next and they continue on. The next clue is a Roadblock that asks, “Who likes to wrap?” This is right up Kim’s wheelhouse. Unfortunately, this isn’t hip-hop. They’ll have to wrap rice, vegetables and spices in grape leaves. When their judge, Marianna approves, they’ll get their next clue. Kim reveals her best friend is Greek and makes these for her, but she’s never helped. It’s not long before Ryan & Dusty and Lulu & Lala catch up and join in the leaf wrapping. Kim notices that the veins of the leaves need to be on the inside, which is a smart catch. That could give other teams trouble.

9:18 p.m. — Arun & Natalia have joined the others wrapping leaves as Kim completes the task. Kim & Penn will now drive to the beach and search for Mamo’s Kantina Stand. Before getting their food, they’ll have to spell it and then look for their clue hidden inside the wrapper. Dusty finishes next so he and Ryan take over second place. Dusty is screaming with pride, which annoys everyone. Lulu & Lala finish third and Raquel has yet to realize that she’s wrapping hers with the veins out. Arun finishes next, which leaves Raquel & Cayla in last place.

9:28 p.m. — Raquel has realized her mistakes and finishes up the Roadblock. They have some catching up to do. Kim & Penn reach the cantina and order souvlaki. Kim spells it correctly, so they are served and eat it up. They are confused when their server refuses to give them a clue. They haven’t realized the clue is in the wrapper. Penn figures it out and the married duo heads out just before Ryan & Dusty arrive. The best friends make quick work of this task as well. Kim & Penn reach another Roadblock that asks, “Who wants to be iconic?” In this task, one team member will listen carefully to a priest. There is going to be a quiz at the end of his sermon. If they can identify five iconic saints, in the correct order, at the end of his sermon, they will receive their next clue. Meanwhile, Lulu & Lala are completely lost and seem to have missed a turn somewhere. This allows Raquel & Cayla to pass them up and take over third place. Somehow Arun & Natalia have arrived after the flight attendants.

9:33 p.m. — Penn is attempting the quiz at the second Roadblock. He nails his first attempt! That was pretty impressive. They open their next clue and it directs them to their next pit stop at Nea Kallikrateia, a small fishing port. The last team to check in may be eliminated. In the back of the pack, it should come as no surprise that Arun & Natalia are completely lost and in a panic. Another team is doing just as poorly if not worse, though. Lulu & Lala have just reached the pit stop, but they completely passed by two challenges. Yikes! They head backwards to look for the cantina. Phil says, “Well, at least you know where the pit stop is!”

9:41p.m. — Ryan & Dusty reach the second Roadblock in second place. This will be completed by Ryan. Dusty goes on and on about how smart Ryan is, but Ryan looks completely bored and out of touch during the priest’s speech. He’s stretching, rocking back and forth and looking around. Once he gets to the quiz, he completely bombs it. He must endure the speech again and now Raquel & Cayla have caught up to them. Cayla is much more patient in watching the priest’s sermon. Ryan looks like he’s dying inside. Meanwhile, Arun & Natalia have completed the cantina challenge and head to the church in fourth place. Lulu & Lala finally find the cantina, but they’re in last place.

9:45 p.m. — Kim & Penn reach the pit stop in first place. This is their third win in a row and they’ve each won $7,500. Over at the church, Arun & Natalia have arrived so now three times are listening to the priest. At this point Ryan is just sitting on the floor looking around. Why won’t he concentrate? Maybe there is a method to his madness. Meanwhile, back at the cantina Lulu & Lala have yet to realize the clue is in the wrapper of their food. They’re on their second entree and basically choking down the food at this point.

9:55 p.m. — Lulu & Lala are puking their food up and then they toss the wrapper in the trash. Meanwhile, Ryan finishes the second Roadblock so he wasn’t as lost in space as I thought. Ryan & Dusty are headed to the pit stop. Raquel & Cayla are close behind. I think Arun & Natalia think they’re in last place, so Arun is starting to sweat as he watches Natalia complete this challenge. Lulu & Lala finally figure out their clue is in the wrapper of their food so they head to the church. On the way to the pit stop, Raquel & Cayla pass up the boys with superior navigation skills. Ryan & Dusty finish in third place. Natalia finishes her Roadblock and heads to the pit stop with her father. Way back in last place, Lulu & Lala have reached the church. Is all hope lost? No. Once again, Arun & Natalia are lost on the road. Lulu finishes her quiz and now it’s a race to the pit stop. Arun & Natalia vs. Lulu & Lala. Who will find Phil first?

9:59 p.m. — Lulu & Lala have already been to the pit stop, so can they find it before Arun & Natalia? No. The father/daughter duo finishes in fourth place and will move on in this race. Lulu & Lala are the last team to arrive and they have been eliminated from the race.

Official order of finishers for Leg 8: 1. Kim & Penn 2. Raquel & Cayla 3. Ryan & Dusty 4. Arun & Natalia 5. Lulu & Lala (eliminated)

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