‘The Amazing Race 33’ finale recap: Which team won $1 million in ‘No Room for Error’ [UPDATING LIVE BLOG]

The Amazing Race 33” concludes with just four duos in the running for a $1 million prize. After traveling to seven countries and 17 cities, one team will be crowned the winner. Which pair will be the first to reach host Phil Keoghan at the final pit stop in ‘No Room for Error’? The tenth and final episode airs Wednesday at 8/7c on CBS.

The cast still competing for the $1 million prize in order of how they finished last week: Raquel Moore & Cayla Platt (flight attendants), Kim & Penn Holderness (married internet personalities), Arun & Natalia Kumar (father/daughter) and Ryan Ferguson & Dusty Harris (best friends).

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8:00 p.m. — Last week on “The Amazing Race”! Raquel & Cayla took a commanding lead when Raquel was the first person to discover a gold coin in the “No Stone Unturned” challenge. They didn’t look back and rode the wave all the way to their first win of the season. At the back of the pack, Dusty spent the better part of a day searching for the final gold coin, putting him and his partner Ryan in last place. Lucky for them, it was a non-elimination round heading into the finale. Four teams remain in the race for $1 million. Who will prevail? Let’s go!

8:09 p.m. — All teams board a charter flight to Lisbon, Portugal, 1,700 miles away from Greece. The clue reads that each team must drive to specific vantage point where they will spot their next clue. Raquel & Cayla have an early lead after finishing first in the last leg of the race. Kim & Penn and Arun & Natalia leave in Group 2, while Ryan & Dusty begin in last place.

8:18 p.m. — Raquel & Cayla seem to be headed in the wrong direction and are very upset to stumble upon Arun & Natalia, who are also lost. Kim & Penn have taken over the lead and spot a large red and yellow flag down by the water. Raquel & Cayla recover and are able to hold onto second place, but now Ryan & Dusty are hot on their heels. Arun & Natalia have fallen to the back of the pack, but they’re not far behind. Although this flag was easy to spot from atop the buildings, it’s harder down on the ground. Kim & Penn get to the Roadblock first, and it reads, “Who wants to go exploring?” They must choose a boat with the name of a famous Portuguese explorer and row at to the other side of the marina. If they’ve chosen the right boat, they’ll get their next clue. If they take the wrong boat, they’ll have to row it back and start over. Kim is off in first place, followed by Raquel and Arun. Apparently Ryan & Dusty are having a difficult time finding the row boats.

8:30 p.m. — Kim finishes the task so her and Penn are sprinting towards their next clue. Ryan & Dusty arrive in last place, but in this rowing challenge they shouldn’t have any trouble catching up…as long as they pick the right boat. Raquel finishes next so her and Cayla remain in second place. Ryan passes up Arun on the boats, so the father/daughter duo have fallen into last place. Kim & Penn reach their next Roadblock, which will require them to choose a sardine can and replicate it by painting it on a door. Raquel & Cayla and Ryan & Dusty arrive next. Meanwhile, Arun has screwed up his canoe for a third time so those two are way behind now.

8:40 p.m. — Kim & Penn have failed their first attempt at painting the sardine can label on a door. Raquel & Cayla finish this task first and launch themselves to the front of the pack. Kim & Penn finish in second, but Ryan & Dusty remain calm because Arun & Natalia just got there. Cayla is in a bit of a panic because she’s just lost their map. How will they navigate? This could be very troublesome for the flight attendants. Ryan & Dusty haven’t figured out that their doorknob is interfering with their painting so they’ve failed almost 10 times. Arun & Natalia could pass them!

8:50 p.m. — Kim & Penn have reached the next Roadblock, which will be completed by Penn. He must count 106 columns while standing in a designated space. When they have the correct number of columns they will be directed to the next pit stop. At the back of the pack, Ryan & Dusty have finally painted their doorknob and race to the next clue. Arun & Natalia are once again alone in last place. Raquel & Cayla have caught up to Kim & Penn and begin counting columns. It sounds like an easy task, but these columns are very far away and difficult to see. Especially for Penn, who doesn’t have the best vision. Cayla nails this on her first attempt so her and Raquel pass up Kim & Penn. Penn does eventually get it right, so now it’s a footrace to the pit stop.

9:00 p.m. — Raquel & Cayla finish this leg in first place and win a trip for two to St. Lucia. More importantly, they will be one of three teams continuing this race to the finish line. Kim & Penn also earn their spot with a second place finish. Ryan & Dusty finish in third. Arun & Natalia have FINALLY been eliminated.

9:12 p.m. — It’s a race for the finish line! Kim & Penn could become the oldest team to win. Raquel & Cayla could become the fourth all-female team to win. Ryan & Dusty could be…well, like most other winning teams, lol. The teams all board a charter flight to Los Angeles where they will complete this race. They get to the Westin where they’ll have to find a clue box on top of one of the towers. Ryan & Dusty reach a clue box first, but it’s locked. They have to “spot the combination going up and down.” Raquel and Cayla figure it out first and they’ll drive themselves to the next clue. Kim & Penn finish in second place, but get directions to their next clue faster. This is a close race! Ryan & Dusty are still confused at the Westin.

9:21 p.m. — Kim & Penn and Raquel & Cayla are virtually tied. At this next challenge, teams must find three parts of their next clue in separate piñatas. One team member will be blindfolded while the other gives them instructions. Once they find all three parts they will be able to read their clue and head to their next destination. Meanwhile, Ryan & Dusty have finally unlocked their clue box back at the Westin and will now try to catch up. Raquel & Cayla finish the piñata challenge in first place and will head to their next destination. A frustrated Penn is taking a breather.

9:32 p.m. — Kim & Penn finally smash the right piñatas and head out in second place. Now Ryan & Dusty have arrived. I think they’ve made a smart decision by having Ryan do the instructing while Dusty just smashes things. Up in front, Raquel & Cayla continue their perfect leg and reach the next clue box. In this challenge, team members will add sound foley to five memorable “The Amazing Race” moments. When the foley artist says they’re in sync with the picture, they’ll get their next clue. This is a really cool challenge! It has each person use unconventional items to make sound effects that mimic what is happening onscreen.

9:40 p.m. — Kim & Penn arrive at the foley challenge while Raquel & Cayla are still there. Ryan & Dusty have finished the piñata challenge and are on their way. This is still a close race! Cayla is starting to get frustrated with their failed attempts in this foley room. Raquel is talking her off the ledge and wants Cayla to keep her head in the game. Finally, the flight attendants complete the task and head out in search of their next clue. Kim & Penn finish as well. These two teams are dead even! Wow! Ryan & Dusty are pretty far behind, but anything can happen on “The Amazing Race.” The next challenge will likely determine the winner of the race.

9:50 p.m. — Raquel & Cayla reach the clue box. Walls are covered with clues from experiences the teams have had over the course of this race. They must solve a difficult memory quiz before racing through the tunnel to the finish line. So much pressure! Whatever happens here, I can’t imagine Ryan & Dusty making up ground in a challenge like this. This race is definitely Raquel & Cayla vs. Kim & Penn. The flight attendants have a head start, but how are their memories? Kim & Penn have arrived as well so the race is on. This challenge is exactly what the married couple wanted. Kim has been taking tedious notes this entire race in preparation for this. Both teams have had multiple mistakes, but Kim & Penn finish first. They sprint through the tunnel and win “The Amazing Race!”

9:59 p.m. — Kim & Penn are officially the Season 33 winners. What a tough loss for Raquel & Cayla, they were so close! Kim & Penn hope their kids see that “studying” got them the win. Raquel & Cayla finish in second place. Ryan & Dusty finish in third place. That’s a wrap for this wild, crazy season. I loved most of the cast, but the pandemic and changes it caused this race really hurt the season overall. Congrats to Kim & Penn, who become the oldest couple to ever win “The Amazing Race”!

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