‘The Amazing Race’s’ Lulu and Lala: Accidentally finding the Pit Stop was a ‘blow to a stomach’

Lulu and Lala Gonzalez were the first ones to find the Pit Stop in Greece on Wednesday’s “The Amazing Race 33.” Except they weren’t supposed to have found it yet. The twins accidentally came across Phil Keoghan and the mat greeter after getting hopelessly lost driving to Mamo’s Kantina Stand. They eventually got there, but were further held up by 1) not knowing how to spell souvlaki, 2) missing the clue of the next location on the souvlaki wrapper, and 3) ordering a second souvlaki to eat. Needless to say, they were not entirely shocked to get eliminated.

So how did they get so lost? And have they had souvlaki since? Find out below.

Gold Derby: That was kind of hard to watch. What was it like for you guys last night?
Lala: [Laughs] I wasn’t really looking forward to reliving it. It’s hard knowing what’s coming.

Lulu: I was excited to watch. [Laughs] I wanted to see how everybody did. We knew how we did, but not everyone else. I think it was harder for Lala, but I am content with everything. We got to be on “The Amazing Race” and it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Gold Derby: Do you know how far behind you were?
Lulu: Very behind. I remember driving to Mamo’s and we passed Raquel and Cayla and they were going to the Pit Stop. It was at least an hour. I knew we were last. I don’t want say it, but it did not look good.

Gold Derby: In one of the bonus clips, you said, “Arun isn’t that great with directions.” Did you think he and Natalia would get more lost than you did and you still had a chance?
Lala: Lulu is a lot more realistic than I am. I was hoping and praying! You never know … and we knew Arun and Natalia are bad with directions, so, you know, we did get a little lost, I hope they get more lost. [Laughs] We love them, but it’s a competition. I kept thinking we still had a shot.

Lulu: Yeah, I’m more realistic, so I knew we most likely were last and I was like, “Let’s enjoy the view, take it all in.” But you also never know what could happen.

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Gold Derby: How did you get so lost?
Lulu: The clue said we had to keep going through a stop sign and we had to make left onto the pavement.

Lala: There was a pavement, but you couldn’t make a left because it was blocked, so we just kept going. We should’ve turned back, but it was confusing. And in the moment, you’re so unsure. “Did we miss it?” “Is it up ahead?” And trying to communicate was hard. We don’t speak the language and the Greek alphabet is different. … We just kept driving and got to the Pit Stop.

Lulu: When we were running [to the Pit Stop], I was thinking, “It can’t be this easy.” I was telling Lala we should go back. We were wasting time. We had already seen Kim and Penn and we ran the opposite way.

Gold Derby: What was going through your head when you were running and Phil and the Pit Stop came into view, and you know you’re not supposed to be there right now?
Lala: It was a blow to a stomach. It’s like, “This is gonna put us behind even more.” We now to have to figure out where we missed it. And we had no idea how far or close we were to [Mamo’s] either.

Lulu: I was kinda annoyed because I knew we missed it and I knew it was wrong. I was telling Lala we shouldn’t run. But after we left, it was like, “Let’s not get hung up on it. Let’s just find this place.” But I felt kind of defeated.

Lala: It’s happened to at least two other teams who’ve gotten to the Pit Stops before they were supposed to. And now us!

Gold Derby: The souvlaki really tripped you up. In another bonus clip, it shows you guys asking multiple people to spell it and they gave you wrong spellings.
Lulu: So we have never had Greek food in our lives. We had no idea how to spell it and we don’t know the Greek alphabet.

Lala: The alphabet was totally different. We asked several people and they were all wrong. And souvlaki is a well-known dish there, so for them to not even know how to spell it…

Lulu: We did spend a lot of time asking a nice lady with a phone. She had Google in English on her phone and other people, their phones were in Greek so I didn’t know how to find Google on their phone. So not only did us getting lost put us behind, but this took a while just to get the souvlaki and then we lost more time trying to figure out the clue.

Gold Derby: When you ordered the second souvlaki, I was like, “Oh, no, don’t do that.”
Lulu: Yeah, we had two souvlakis when we didn’t need to. [Laughs] I mostly felt bad for Lala.

Lala: I don’t like raw onions and I’ve never had raw onions. And there was so much raw onion. It was like she gave us a double scoop, just a mountain. I was really struggling. When you’re eating something you don’t like, it’s very hard. I was just trying to keep it down.

Lulu: I’m trying to eat bigger chunks of the souvlaki so she didn’t have to eat as much. For me, it was hard watching your twin sister struggle like this, and I couldn’t do anything.

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Gold Derby: And you ate the second one for nothing. It’s not like an eating challenge where you have to force yourself to get through it.
Lulu: Yeah, when we finally figured out it was on the wrapper, I was just like, “Let me not say another word, let’s just go.” I knew we were last and I was like, “I’m gonna take in these views.” But you still had little hope. And we got to the sermon. They showed me doing it once, but it took me two times.

Lala: They gave her a nice edit, showing it once. [Laughs]

Lulu: Yeah, I didn’t get it [on the first try]. I think I was distracted so by how good-looking the guy was. I had to go back. [Laughs]

Gold Derby: Have you had souvlaki since?
Lala: I have not, but now I think we should get it this weekend. Actually go to a Greek restaurant.

Lulu: Yeah, get some authentic souvlaki. Let’s do it.

Gold Derby: What did you guys do during the hiatus to prepare to return?
Lala: At the beginning, we didn’t really do anything. We weren’t active on social media. Our grandmother passed away during the pandemic, so we were focused on our family. … But eventually started doing some training.

Lulu: We learned to tie knots differently. We did more exercises. Puzzles — we did a lot of those because we struggled with the Great Britain flag on the first leg, so we did puzzles just to better prepare ourselves.

Lala: We probably should’ve done more cardio.

Gold Derby: Who were you rooting for after you were eliminated?
Lulu: We were so tight with everyone. You have Raquel and Cayla. We always want girl power to win.

Lala: Yeah, we always said if we can’t make it, we hope it’s another all-female team.

Lulu: Yeah, but we love all of them. … Ryan and Dusty, we were the closest with them. We helped each other. I guess I would say them because we were closest with them.

Lala: Without giving anything away, I’ll say I was rooting for all of them.

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