‘The Challenge’ elimination: Derek Xiao gives shout-out to his ‘Big Brother’ ‘partner in crime’ Alyssa Lopez

Derek Xiao and Alyssa Lopez met last summer in the “Big Brother” house, where they were both betrayed by the dominating Cookout alliance. The BFFs were later cast on “The Challenge: USA,” where they vowed to stick together and have each other’s backs throughout the grueling CBS competition. Unfortunately, Derek was eliminated in the sixth episode (alongside his teammate Shannon St. Clair from “Love Island”) when they lost the physical competition to Enzo Palumbo and Justine Ndiba.

The winners of the main challenge were Desiree “Desi” Williams and David Alexander, and they decided to nominate Derek and Shannon for elimination because Shannon had hurt her leg earlier in the episode. Derek and Shannon gave it their all in the final challenge, even getting a head start thanks to their backwards-spelling abilities. However, their stacks of tires kept falling over, which led to a victory for Enzo and Justine.

Derek gave a special shout-out to Alyssa before exiting the arena, saying, “Alyssa, you are the most loyal and best partner I could have. I’m gonna cry.” Later in a private confessional, he told the camera, “I’m super excited for Alyssa. I couldn’t have asked for a better partner in crime. We pulled off exactly what we wanted to this season. We have come so far from ‘Big Brother’ and we’re gonna do amazing things.” Alyssa remains on “The Challenge” and will undoubtedly be fighting for Derek in the weeks to come.

For her part, a tearful Shannon declared after getting the boot, “I feel like I have grown and I’m feeling very emotional. You don’t overcome your fears until you come face to face with them. I’m so proud of myself for coming this far.”

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As for the challenge survivors, Enzo proudly proclaimed, “I did it. The old guy definitely won another feather in my cap. I can say that I won an elimination on ‘The Challenge.’ Now I’m hoping I can build off of this, you know what I mean?”

One day earlier, Enzo was too frightened to jump onto the rope swing high above the water, so he forfeited his chance of competing for both him and Justine. “Yesterday is erased,” Justine noted after they won the elimination game. “It didn’t happen.”

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Here is an update on who’s left on “The Challenge: USA” from the four participating reality shows:

“Big Brother”: David Alexander, Enzo Palumbo, Kyland Young, Alyssa Lopez, Angela Rummans

“Survivor”: Ben Driebergen, Danny McCray, Domenick Abbate, Tyson Apostol, Desiree “Desi” Williams, Sarah Lacina

“Love Island”: Cashay Proudfoot, Justine Ndiba, Kyra Green

“The Amazing Race”: Leo Temory, Cayla Platt

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