‘The Challenge’s’ eliminated player wants nothing more than to ‘come back’ and play again

The seventh episode of “The Challenge: USA,” titled “State of the Unions,” proved to be the end of the road for two fan-fave reality TV stars. One of the eliminated players ended her journey by saying she had “no regrets,” while the other said he hoped to “come back” and play again in the future. Warning: this article contains SPOILERS for the August 17 episode of “The Challenge,” so read at your own risk!

The main challenge was a demolition derby-type competition, with Alyssa Lopez and Leo Temory being the first out, which meant they would be entering the elimination challenge. Comp winners Domenick Abbate and Cayla Platt earned the right to send one team to elimination, and they chose Kyra Green and Kyland Young, in part because they wanted to fracture the powerhouse trio of Kyland, Tyson Apostol and Angela Rummans.

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At the elimination challenge, the two duos had to answer trivia questions and place 20-pound ball weights containing the answers atop a high-up ledge. Both teams struggled with the weight, but in the end, Alyssa and Leo prevailed. That meant the duo of Kyra and Kyland were officially eliminated from “The Challenge.”

“Being able to prove to yourself that you can do these insane things and make it out alive makes you feel invincible,” “Love Island” contestant Kyra stated in her parting words. “Even though I didn’t make it to the final, I gave my 100%, and so no regrets.”

“Dom, nice shot, you got it,” “Big Brother” houseguest Kyland told the camera. “This is the coolest game in the world and I can’t think of anything that I want to do more than to come back and have my shot to become a ‘Challenge’ champion.”

Since Kyland and Kyra collectively had $13,000, that amount was split amongst Alyssa and Leo, so their new totals are $12,500 for Alyssa and $9,000 for Leo. They both join Angela, Cashay Proudfoot, Cayla, David Alexander, Desi Williams, Domenick, Justine Ndiba and Tyson as being able to compete in the season finale.

Leo, who at one point this week considered quitting the game in order to attend business-related matters back home, said he’s “excited” to have won the elimination challenge. “I got the money I needed to run T.J.’s final,” he noted. “When I win that $500,000, I’m gonna take it back home and I’m gonna make sure I take care of everyone. And then once I win this, I’m gonna go a little further and then represent the USA. Let’s go.”

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