‘The Masked Singer’ teases upcoming bombshell moment: ‘[Someone] just walked off the stage’ [WATCH]

The preview trailer for the Wednesday, March 16 episode of “The Masked Singer” teases a “bombshell moment” that people are sure to be talking about the next day (watch above). “[Someone] just walked off the stage,” announces an irritated-looking Jenny McCarthy at the end of the video clip. Hmm, is this the highly anticipated moment that was heavily promoted in the media last month?

Spoiler alert! Rumors have been swirling that Rudy Giuliani, former Mayor of New York City and President Trump‘s personal attorney, was unmasked during a taping of an early Season 7 episode. Many fans speculated he’d be revealed in last week’s season premiere, but that turned out to be pastry chef Duff Goldman (aka McTerrier) instead. Per our sister site Deadline, when Giuliani was unmasked during said taping, both Robin Thicke and Ken Jeong temporarily “exited” the set before “eventually” returning. Perhaps this is what McCarthy is alluding to in the preview trailer?

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Having two judges walk off the stage would just be the latest viral moment from this seventh season of Fox’s reality TV show. During last week’s premiere, McTerrier’s dog head accidentally fell off after his performance of “Working for the Weekend.” He immediately hid himself from view and yelled out, “What do I do?” The panelists turned around so as not to be spoiled, while a stagehand came and replaced McTerrier’s mask.

Later in that same episode, history was made as Firefly chocked (literally) during her rendition of “Ain’t Nobody” and had to seek medical assistance. She returned at the end of the hour to complete her performance, earning raves from the judges. Robin said she gave the “best performance of the night” while Nicole Scherzinger called her a “fighter.”

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Firefly’s medical scare reminded us of what happened to Crab (aka Bobby Brown) in Season 5. The blue-steel crustacean had to evacuate the stage following his performance of “Give it to Me Baby” after overheating inside his costume. Minutes later, a cooled-down Crab returned to the stage to hear the judges’ comments. And then there was Gremlin (aka Mickey Rourke) in Season 4, who removed his mask because he was too hot, thereby eliminating himself from the competition.

With McTerrier back home at the dog pound, that leaves only 14 masked celebrities still in the running to win “TMS” Season 7. Which costume do YOU think Giuliani might be hiding inside? There’s Armadillo, Firefly, Prince and Ringmaster from Team Good, Cyclops, Hydra, Jack in the Box, Queen Cobra and Ram from Team Bad, and Baby Mammoth, Lemur, Miss Teddy, Space Bunny and Thingamabob from Team Cuddly.

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