‘The Pit Stop’ for ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 7’ episode 2: Bob and Eureka O’Hara suggest all the queens are playing the game hard

Each week on “The Pit Stop,” Bob the Drag Queen runs down the crowning achievements of the all winners on the newest episode of “RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars” alongside a guest host. Following Friday’s second episode, Bob welcomed her “We’re Here” co-star Eureka O’Hara to the set so that they could hypothesize over how strategically the queens may or may not be playing the game this time around. Watch the full episode above via the official RuPaul’s Drag Race channel on YouTube.

In their recap and review, Eureka suggests that Shea Coulee gave Trinity the Tuck the plunger block because they’re so close and Trinity was the least likely to hold it against her, but Bob challenged anyone to ever do that to her because she won’t be as forgiving. If that was Shea’s strategy, then they also wonder if it was Monét X Change‘s strategy to lose the lip sync so that she could earn the Legendary Legend Star without having to get any blood on her hands. As Bob said, “What’s a $10,000 cash tip when you can win $200,000 and a crown later?” Eureka says that because no one is going home and it’s all winners, their minds would be more open to being more strategic because they’re free of the fear and worry that you normally have.

When it came to the double-headed “Snatch Game” performances, Eureka shocks Bob by dragging Monét’s “not funny” take on Martin Lawrence and gave Raja major props for the prosthetics and creativity used for both of her characters. As one of the previous winners of this challenge, they were disappointed in The Vivienne‘s execution this time around and think that Trinity played it safe with her two choices. Bob goes on to call Jinkx Monsoon as Judy Garland the best performance that has ever been seen on the series and Eureka agrees, but notes that Jinkx as Little Edie was just as good. By the end of the episode, they both agreed that Viv was the best on the runway, but disagreed with the judges selecting Trinity as one of the tops of the weeks — they would have given Raja that spot because she was stronger on the runway.

Also check out Bob’s “Pit Stop” recap with Nicole Byer on episode 1 which also premiered May 20th on Paramount Plus.

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