‘The Pit Stop’ for ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 7’ episode 4: Bob and Naysha Lopez see the winners as queens who know their strengths

Each week on “The Pit Stop,” Bob the Drag Queen runs down the crowning achievements of the all winners on the newest episode of “RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars” alongside a guest host. Following Friday’s fourth episode, Bob got together with her season 8 co-star Naysha Lopez to break down the comedy on display when the queens served up fairytale improv. Watch the full episode above via the official RuPaul’s Drag Race channel on YouTube.

In their recap and review, Bob and Naysha agree that it would “be smart to block Jinkx Monsoon the whole season.” Naysha explains that’s because Jinkx is “super smart, clever, witty, funny.” They also think that Monét X Change is smartly playing under the radar after earning one of the first Legendary Legend Stars and Jaida Essence Hall cutely tried to diminish her own threat level by immediately throwing attention back on to Monét. They were surprised that Raja was chosen last for the improv challenge because she’s been performing so well, but Bob suggests that the queens don’t think Raja is as good at the show as she actually is. In terms of the actual challenge, it was a “by far” win for Jinkx who was a master at improv and so it was lucky for everyone that Jaida had blocked her when she did. Thankfully it did not escape Bob and Naysha’s attention that Monét was the worst at prosthetic application.

When running down the “Spikes on the Runway” looks, Naysha said she was interested in seeing the interpretations of an open theme and had high expectations for the winners. Naysha actually would have done the porcupine idea that Jinkx did, but added that she should have somersaulted in to mimic the action of a porcupine and amplify the presentation. They came down hard again on Monét for picking an outfit that photographs beautifully, but doesn’t present well on the runway, and then compared that to Yvie Oddly who expertly turned an editorial look into a gorgeous runway moment. Unsurprisingly, Naysha closes out the episode with the prediction that Jinkx will win as the current frontrunner.

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