‘The Voice’ feud heats up as Blake Shelton lashes out at John Legend over Bodie: ‘Stop pushing your button when I push my button!’ [WATCH]

On Monday’s fifth episode of “The Voice” Season 22, viewers will be introduced to Bodie, a 29-year-old singer from Ladera Ranch, California. All four coaches — Blake Shelton, John Legend, Gwen Stefani and Camila Cabello — are so impressed with his cover of The Fray‘s “You Found Me” that they push their buttons, making him the latest four-chair turn contestant. But Blake has some choice words for John when they turn their chairs around at essentially the same time. Watch “The Voice” sneak peek video above.

“Stop pushing your button when I push my button!” Blake loudly exclaims. John giggles in response. So far this season, there have been seven four-chair turns (Morgan Myles, Omar Jose Cardona, Orlando Mendez, Kevin Hawkins, Andrew Igbokidi, Morgan Taylor and Parijita Bastola) but Blake has only acquired one, Kevin, for his team. To compare, John has nabbed three already: Omar, Morgan and Parijita. Hmm, do we have ourselves a new “The Voice” feud?

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Remember, earlier in the season, Blake noted how he’s feuded with everyone who’s been seated in the chair furthest away from him. First it was Adam Levine (Seasons 1-16), then it was Kelly Clarkson (Seasons 17-21), and now it appears to be John.

“I think I hit my button first,” Blake tells Bodie. “I never play that card, but John says it all the time, and he gets everybody on his team, so I hit my button first, okay?”

John smiles while conceding, “He hit it first. He did.” For the record, we re-checked the tape and John’s button push was approximately one second after Blake’s.

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When it’s time for the coaches to try to woo the bleach-blond artist onto their teams, “Grandpa” Blake butters him up by calling his voice “incredible.” He adds, “We seem to have more rock-sounding artists auditioning this year, you know? … I love rock. I just can hardly ever get anybody [from that genre] to be on my team.”

“Bodie, your vocal presence was just so robust,” John begins, “and you put a certain amount of soul on it that was so cool and such a different take. It shows that you’re a really interesting artist because you’re taking this song in a different genre and giving it your own personal stamp. I thought that was super cool.”

Find out which team Bodie decides to join when “The Voice” airs Monday, October 3 on NBC.

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