‘The Voice’ sneak peek video: Andrew Igbokidi earns 4-chair turn with Billie Eilish cover [WATCH]

Monday night on the third episode of “The Voice” Season 22, audiences will meet Andrew Igbokidi, a 22-year-old Arkansas resident originally from Nigeria. All four coaches — Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani, John Legend and Camila Cabello — are so impressed with his Billie Eilish cover of “when the party’s over” that they push their buttons, giving him the honor of calling himself a four-chair turn. Watch “The Voice” sneak peek video above.

“I’ve never seen on this show someone that has such a mixture of styles,” Gwen raves. Andrew confirms that he grew up listening to Stevie Wonder, Bob Marley and Celine Dion, and then plays to the judges by adding Gwen Stefani and John Legend to that list. (“He didn’t say our names,” Camila jokingly whispers to Blake.)

Gwen then goes on to praise his “vocal acrobatics and runs,” noting how he made them “very emotional.” She adds, “I’ve been doing this a long time. I’m in a place in my life where I just want to help people, so I would love to be your coach.”

The coaches give John some flack for being the last to turn around, and he fires back, “I was listening. When I make a decision I make it with conviction, and I was convicted when I pushed my button.” Blake then jokes that John was “limping in with that conviction.”

The talk turns to Andrew’s background in music, and he confirms he’s been in musicals and theater, but now is the chance for him to really “pursue it.” In addition, for the past year he’s been applying to medical schools. John calls him a “poster child for a Nigerian child,” and Andrew’s family member backstage smiles, “That’s true.”

Camila loves how he “added these crazy runs” to the Billie Eilish pop song, and singles out his tone and emotion. “I just want you so badly to be on my team. I feel like I could help you to polish your performances … there’s no other vocalist like you on my team.” She then brings up yet again how she’s appeared on a competition show before, “The X Factor,” which gives her a unique perspective.

Finally, Blake tries to sway Andrew over to his team by bonding over Arkansas, but admits it’s a long shot since he’s the “country guy.” “And my answer to that is, ’cause you live in Arkansas, you’re country, too,” Blake explains.

Find out which team Andrew decides to join when “The Voice” airs Monday, September 26 on NBC.

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